Who are Eric and Emonte Morgan? Brothers accused of killing Chicago cop Ella French


Chicago Police Department (CPD) officer Ella French, 29, was killed during a heavy traffic stop on August 7. She, along with an anonymous colleague, was shot and killed by three suspects – two brothers Eric and Emonte Morgan and a woman in the middle of stopping traffic. The suspects opened fire on French and his colleague, after which the cops retaliated and this back-and-forth resulted in French’s death.

French is said to be the first cop killed in the line of duty since Lori Lightfoot became mayor of Chicago in 2019. Many officers have reportedly lost their lives across the country as political parties discuss police reform across the country. the country. In April of this year, Darion Jarrett of New Mexico was shot dead with an “AR-15 style rifle” during a traffic stop and the horrific video went viral on the internet. Holly Springs Police Officer Joe Burson, 25, was killed after trying to stop a high-speed motorist who dragged him in an attempt to escape. Burson shot the driver to get him to stop, but it ended in a fatal accident where both died.


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CPD Officer Ella French. (Twitter)

Who are Eric and Emonte Morgan?

The brothers whose car French and his colleague pulled over were identified as Eric and Emonte Morgan. According to Eric’s Facebook account, he works as a cashier at True Religion jeans. He died of high school in 2015 at the James Madison Memorial, Chicago. Emonte has set his account as private and although they both have their Instagram IDs mentioned in their Facebook bio, they appear to have deleted them. Eric, 22, is charged with aggravated illegal use of a weapon, illegal use of a weapon by a criminal and obstruction of justice. Emonte, meanwhile, is charged with first degree murder of a police officer, aggravated illegal use of a weapon and illegal use of a weapon by a criminal. The woman accompanying the brothers was not charged due to lack of evidence.

Eric and Emonte are due in court on August 10. Both were on probation for separate matters at the time of their arrest. Emonte had a case of theft and other criminal charges on his rap sheet. This included minor traffic violations. driving a vehicle without a license and driving without insurance. He was charged with battery and theft in 2019; Eric Morgan had a robbery charge against him. The person who supplied the semi-automatic handgun to the brothers has also been charged in this case. Jamal Danzy, 29, is accused of buying the gun from a licensed gun killer in Hammond, Indiana and then selling it to people he knew couldn’t own. ‘weapons because of their felony charges.

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