Which Disney Villain You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Water carriers don’t care much about social conventions, and they’re not afraid to offend people or start a scene if they feel offended, explains compatible astrology. Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty” is the perfect match: a shameless party animal who visibly appreciates every moment.

After making her dramatic entrance, Maleficent acts like she doesn’t mind that she hasn’t been invited (although everyone finds that a little hard to believe). Just as she turns to leave, Maleficent turns around and gives the baby a vicious curse disguised as a “gift”. This is one of the greatest weaknesses of Aquarians – they’ll suppress their feelings and quietly bubble until something breaks – then all hell breaks loose.

Aquarians have an incredibly dry and biting sense of humor. They like to dance circles around others just to show off their skill. It’s Maleficent. When she has Prince Philip in chains, she taunts him by describing how his reunion with Aurora should disappeared, highlighting the delicious irony by making it sound exactly like the end of a fairy tale.

Often described as on the cutting edge, Aquarians are constantly questioning the way things are. If you extrapolate a bit, it could definitely describe Maleficent. What kind of a world is it, she wonders, where elegant nobles and cheerful fairies are welcomed to admire the newborn princess, but unconventional women like Maleficent are deliberately left out? Let’s be honest … She might be a bad guy, but she gets a point.


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