We spoke to Russell Westbrook about his new role at True Religion


Besides being one of the NBA’s most exciting players and a four times all star, Russell Westbrook is a notorious fashion icon. He is known for his unique and directional apparel which has gone a long way in redefining what style means to professional athletes and their fans. He maintains a close relationship with Barney’s New York, where he transforms items from his shoe sponsor Jordan into one-of-a-kind high fashion pieces. Due to his obvious swagger and creative accomplishments, True Religion recently appointed Westbrook Creative Director of the brand’s campaign, where he helped shape their “Be So Bold” campaign for Spring 2015. Recently, with Westbrook at New York for the NBA All-Star Game, we had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his new role at True Religion.

Squire: Knowing your style, True Religion is an interesting choice. How did you and the brand decide to work together?

Russell Westbrook: Actually, I think it’s a perfect choice for me. My dad is a huge True Religion fan and has always worn his jeans, so I grew up with the brand. At present, True Religion is in the process of brand transformation. I think a lot of people have an outdated idea of ​​what the brand is and I’m excited to work with them to help change mindsets. They all talk about a fearless style, which is exactly what I am.

ESQ: What is the “Be So Bold” campaign all about?

RW: It’s about being confident in what you wear and sticking to your true style. We want people to feel comfortable expressing themselves in their style. Be bold!

True Religion allows me to be the creative director of this campaign which is so awesome and such an honor. I wanted to show everyone my fashion style and how it can translate into all aspects of life. In the film, I walk around different parts of Oklahoma City with more than a little swag and totally unfazed as my clothes and backgrounds keep changing. I think it turned out very well and I hope people like it.

Russell Westbrook for True Religion 2015

ESQ: What is a “dream object” you would like to oversee at True Religion?

RW: Well, right now I’m the creative director of the campaign and I’m directing and producing the ad campaign, which is pretty important. I was also the stylist and I composed all the clothes. I wanted everyone to see that this is the true religion as conceived by Russell Westbrook.

In the future, I would like to design products for True Religion, but right now I’m enjoying being a creative director. One step at a time.

ESQ: Makes sense. So which pair of True Religion jeans go best with a pair of Jordan XX9?

RW: I’m really into Rocco jeans right now. I love slim fit jeans and these have tons of cool detailing, much like moto jeans. They are perfect with a pair of J.

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