Wasfia Nazreen: Living unattached and free


A name to be reckoned with, she is the inspiration to millions around the world. Realizing everything she sets her eyes on is the embodiment of the pursuit of a soul. For people from the current generation to future generations, Wasfia Nazreen has established a truth. Its truth is, “I have lived or aspired to live most of my life free from society and the judgment of others. I have made my own rules. My mind is free. I do not live in captivity. And I wish that each of you live with the same FREEDOM! That all beings are free!”

Living a life with tenacity and independence while being the epitome of fierce pursuits is achieved by very few. Some may see “living your life on your own terms” as a taboo, and most live by the societal norms set by their others who are there even before they were born.

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For the pursuit of societal happiness, parents, relatives, neighbors, and even your wireman would move mountains and the Milky Way to silence their children and their views on life, love, and religion. In the process, each newborn, however innocent and pure, sees their destiny hand-sewn by others, unaware of the true potential for greatness and intellect deep within themselves, waiting to be fed.

As bleak as it may seem, some of these newborns will always prevail and go on with their lives to live their full potential despite the adversities that lie ahead. This perseverance is usually triggered by inspiration. It could be a work of art, a piece of machinery, a soulful song, or someone else’s single mountainous achievement. If exposed correctly, inspiration can be as contagious as a child’s smile. It can and will take you beyond that.

Photo: Jordan Steranka


Wasfia Nazreen: Living unattached and free

Photo: Jordan Steranka

Following this sentiment, Prof. Muhammad Yunus shared his wishes saying, “You have made everyone feel like he/she is waving a Bangladesh flag from all those impossible heights.” The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate also added, “Thank you Wasfia for giving Bangladesh a new height. Now we will see the world from this new height that you have given us.”

Wasfia Nazreen’s name will go down as one of the few that reached K2’s zenith. It has attracted and will attract generations of forward-thinkers into the trajectory beyond and beyond. In her social post, she expressed that the way she lived was remembered. FREE.


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