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Lately, I feel like I’m wearing 20 different hats as a mother. I am the cook, the taxi and the cleaning lady. I am also a counsellor, teacher, party planner and nurse. There are some wonderful hats I wear as I stand at the center of their lives as I applaud all of their hard work to achieve success.

There are the mourning hats I wear crying with them in grief, the loss of being left behind, all the hurts and sickness. I am their hug, their knees, their shoulder and their safe place. I have to remember their lunch, their dance bag, their football program and their cup.

Hats are flying all over the house and the car. Sure, there are some on my hat rack and color-coded in my closets. I try to stay organized, but sometimes I need it nearby when I have to carry five at a time! Some of my hats are brand new as I am becoming a first time mother to a teenager.

Other hats are old and torn, but I wear them every day because my kids need them. People tell me that I shouldn’t wear certain hats with my kids and their opinions ring in my ears. Am I wearing the wrong hat? Am I enough? Am I what my children need? I know sometimes I miss the mark. It’s hard to balance all those hats when you have so much love pouring into those important little lives.

There’s a secret mommy hat I found that looks like a Wonder Woman crown. If you fumble or fail, this is the perfect solution for a frown. It’s beautiful and perfect, it’s not even mine. I have to reach high for it, because it’s so brilliant. I borrow it countless times a day.

I look up to the Father and put on my crown to pray. When I can’t do it, I know He can. I teach my children to wear this hat with them. Many hats are important, but this one is the best because it is in its strength that we can find rest. I wear my prayer crown all day long and raise my babies to the One who can save. So if you’re not sure what hat to wear now, wear it high for this one, it won’t let you down.

“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Harmony Smith is the Director of KidWorks Preschool at TrueNorth Church in North Augusta. For more information, visit


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