Trainspotter Francis Bourgeois responds to people who doubt its reality


Social media sensation Francis Bourgeois responded to people who doubt his authenticity and actually being a train watcher. Watch it explain below:

Francis has become an online icon after videos of him clapping and applauding as trains pass filtered through the distorted lens of a fisheye camera unexpectedly warmed the hearts of millions.

However, images began to surface of the previously geeky Bourgeois dressed in designer clothes, along with the revelation that the 21-year-old student, who is currently studying at the University of Nottingham, also works as a model and is portrayed by the model agency Brother.

Company House records also seemed to suggest that Francis Bourgeois was a pseudonym, and his real name was actually Luke Nicolson.

The people were devastated. A Twitter user said: “Someone please tell me the healthiest person in the UK, Francis Bourgeois, is not really a fake called Luke.”

Another lamented: “Finding out about Santa Claus is not real

Fortunately, Francis (or Luke) was on standby to set the record straight.

Speaking to Instagram, he said: “I know people doubted my authenticity and that I really am a train chaser, mainly because of pictures of me when I was younger.”

He went on to explain that after moving to a new school in seventh grade, young Francis felt lonely and isolated because of his love for trains.

Credit: Instagram / @ francis_bourgeois43

In order to fit in better, he said, “I gelled my hair and decided to sell my model trains to fund my gym membership.

“I even started to wear roadman clothes, but it wasn’t me and it didn’t make me happy.

“Then the lockdown happened, my hair grew and I started to reclaim my love of trains through my videos, and honestly, running on those platforms and chasing trains really makes me feel like the channels are off and I’m totally free.

“I have made some wonderful friends and life is so much more fulfilling now that I have reconnected with my passion.

“Trainspotters come in all shapes and sizes – they can even wear a True Religion denim jacket and a pair of Air Max!”

Phew! Glad we got it all sorted out.

Looks like Luke / Francis can reclaim his title as Britain’s healthiest man and we can all sleep a little easier in our beds.


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