Tolerance, protest and our founding freedoms


Editor’s note: A former Trump administration official’s account of the protesters running his house and family prompted the Daily Signal audience to write, as did the remarks by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on the truths found in the Declaration of Independence. Be sure to send your comments on our coverage to [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

Dear daily signal: I offer the following thoughts on the comment by former Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf titled “My house, my family have been targeted by protesters. It must stop.

There has clearly been a total loss of respect, tolerance and the willingness to listen and understand any political views that may differ from his own. All demonstrations in front of private homes, disruption of family dinners in restaurants and harassment of spouses and children should absolutely be prohibited in the expression of personal opinions.

This type of behavior is not a constitutional right to freedom of expression. This is outright bullying and against the law. Such demonstrations must be treated by the police for what they are: harassment, aggression, disruption of public services, disturbance of public order, etc.

It is high time to deal with the bullies of our time.TA Galioto, Washington

Dear daily signal: Chad Wolf’s article on the protests outside his house, with the participation of some of his neighbors, brings out a myth we have about so-called fellow Americans.

Too many members of the Democratic Party are aligned with the Communists and hate our country, our heritage, individual freedom, the Bill of Rights and our way of life. It should be obvious, but it doesn’t seem to happen to most freedom and homeland-loving Americans.

It sounds a lot like the fact that Americans have long failed to understand that Islamic jihadists, including those in Iran, are waging war on us until September 11.

Mr. Wolf must understand that some of his neighbors will be ready to become concentration camp guards, if and when conditions get to that point. Their allegiance to the Democratic Party surpasses any semblance of morality. Their whole goal is to destroy morality and humanity.

We need to wake up instead of walking around bemoaning the lack of fairness. I’m also willing to bet you won’t post my comments, and that’s part of the overall fear issue as well.Ananta Gopalan, Bluffton, South Carolina

Dear daily signal: I can understand the anguish and dismay of Chad Wolf when friends and neighbors betrayed him and his wife by joining the illegal protesters outside their house (“My house, my family have been targeted by protesters. This has to stop.” ”

My wife and I were shocked when we were betrayed by people who we really thought were old friends. While we never openly campaigned for Donald Trump or wore MAGA hats in 2016, they properly assumed our allegiance when we did not join them in their relentless denigration of Trump.

It turns out that they have always resented our faith (we are born again Christians, but we never hit them on the head with a Bible); our education (we are the only couple in the group to have a university degree, but we never talked about it); and our money (which we never mentioned, but they made guesses) as well as our politics. The only catalyst they needed to implement the betrayal was Trump’s victory.Ron Carmony, Warner Robins, Georgia.

Dear daily signal: As Chad Wolf notes in his comment, the Washington Post editorial board has now voiced the following opinion, “Leave spouses, kids, and homes out of this. “

Now that the American left is in the driver’s seat, are we to believe that the Post has analyzed the problem and proposed a new solution? The Mafia, another branch of organized crime in America, established this rule many years ago. And they were much better at applying it.

If a Republican administration is elected again, that Post editorial will disappear.

Remember, as Dennis Prager puts it, “The left ruins everything it touches. All. There are no exceptions.Susan Lefebvre, Greenland, NH


What Wolf describes is alarmingly similar to Crystal Night in Germany in 1938, which Hitler claimed to know nothing about.

Unlike some, the rest of us don’t have Secret Service guards.

It’s no wonder the Missouri couple pulled out their personal guns [when protesters marched on private property], no matter how inappropriately they have been posted.Paul Levy, Carolina Beach, North Carolina


Why the detention? It is not “freedom of speech”.

Simply call it what it is: terrorism. One step away from the kidnapping of family members.Bob smith


Demonstrating and marching peacefully is different from harassment. What we see coming from the left is vile harassment and must stop.Robert D.

Clarence Thomas on a lasting statement

Dear daily signal: Thank you for posting Star Parker’s commentary on Inspirational and Insightful Personal Reflections on the Meaning of Judge Clarence Thomas’ Declaration of Independence (“Clarence Thomas Remarks Reveal America’s True Cultural War”).

The racial division in the United States appears to be largely fomented by elitists who have in mind the destruction of America for the benefit of a new socialist world order. Division by race was the ploy that worked – better than divisions of class, religion or economics.

I hope and pray that it is not too late to return to the freedoms we have enjoyed for nearly 250 years. God bless America .—Anna Rolen, Alexandria, Virginia.

Dear daily signal: What I really appreciate about Justice Clarence Thomas’ comments on the Declaration of Independence, and what gives them real gravity, is that they come from a man who has been the victim of racism.

These comments come from a man who lived through things like the shocking murder of Martin Luther King Jr. They come from a time when racism was rife in our country. And despite this, Judge Thomas returned to his American and Christian roots.

I think one of his most poignant comments was: “Although we have repeatedly failed the ideals of the Declaration, I know of no time when the ideals have failed us. “

He went on to say that despite what our country has been through, the Declaration of Independence is still in effect and its principles are still in effect. The problem we have in this country is that if we think that we cannot achieve an ideal or a standard, we change the ideal or the standard.

Like Justice Thomas, I think this is a mistake. The degradation of our society rests on our lowering of the bar. We did it in education, we did it with our national morals, and we do it with what we expect from our political leaders.

Don’t get me wrong here. Nothing close to perfection is capable of this side of eternity. This is not to say that we should not continually strive for this ideal. And one of those ideals is found in the Declaration of Independence, which states that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.

All men are created equal. This clause has long been a stumbling block. While we have made progress in this regard, it is true that we still have work to do. But does that mean that we throw the baby out with the bathwater?

Just because we haven’t achieved these ideals as perfectly as we would like as a nation, does that mean we need to remove documents like the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution? Certainly not. If we do this, we will have tyranny.

That is, as Vladimir Lenin said about his beloved Communism, some people are more equal than others. Dear American friends, do not let this nation be abandoned. Let’s turn around before entering these dark, threatening and dangerous seas.Eric Kielhorn, Norwich, Connecticut.

Dear daily signal: Star Parker’s article on Clarence Thomas and the Declaration of Independence should be emphasized as much as possible (“Clarence Thomas Remarks Reveal America’s True Cultural War”).

The Declaration is the work of our best men of yesterday and is true for today and for all millennia. It would be great if you could provide a link to his speech, or a reprint of it. Clarence Thomas understands.John Poe, Bridgeville, Del.

Of course, Jean. Here is the C-SPAN video of the September 16 address in Notre Dame.


Wow! A true example of what a true God-fearing American looks like.

Clarence Thomas speaks of Eternal Truths in a way that gives hope and optimism to those of us who are old enough to remember when these truths were indeed obvious and accepted as such.

He is without a doubt the best Supreme Court justice of my 81 years on Earth, in my opinion. I would like him to talk to us more often.Mike Cancienne


It is refreshing to hear what Clarence Thomas had to say about the Declaration of Independence and this country today. This is what most Conservatives believe.

We are all imperfect people. This is why Jesus died for us. Once we accept this and live accordingly, we will be a better nation, for a nation is its people.

I believe that Christians have not honored and worshiped God as he deserves and asks us to; therefore, we have allowed the enemy to transform our minds and behavior. Unsaved people will always serve themselves and their greed first, with no respect for others.Black beard


To Judge Thomas: Come on, my brother! I say this as your basic WASP. I’m glad you are where you are, working for the good of this country. –Robert Bunce, Colchester, Connecticut.


Clarence Thomas’ words are invaluable in this time of schism. They are curative, meaningful and historically accurate.Jacqui Klein


I share Justice Clarence Thomas’ comments with anyone who reads it. I am proud of Star Parker as well as him. By the way, I know white colleagues who, like me, need to see more of these articles.Aniel james payne


Thanks to Star Parker for a well-written, thoughtful, and intelligent summary of Judge Thomas’ presentation.William Poser


A beautiful address to Notre Dame by a tall and courageous man. I have nothing but admiration for him, and I have had it for decades. And I happen to be a conservative old white .—Wayne Peterkin, Evangeline, La.


In my opinion, the declaration of independence should be the law of the land. The Constitution should be seen as guidelines for the application of the law of the land.Jérôme Waldemar, Claremont, California

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