There still hasn’t been a vax


THE without vax they are not new. Already there XIXth century, in fact, tens of thousands of people, especially in England, took to the streets against smallpox vaccination and there were arrests, fines, someone even ended up in prison: “better a cell of prison than a poisoned child! current no-vax, supported even by the clergy who had “doctrinal concerns”, to such an extent that, in France, it was asked of the bishop of Versailles, in 1803: but does vaccinate against “the spirit of religion”?

Others feared, this time in Britain, to be vaccinated against smallpox (a vaccine tested by Edward jenner through a bovine serum) could transform the head of the inoculated into that of a cow! And the Restoration also opposed vaccination, banning it, because it “united animal and human matter”. To the doctor and the patriot Michele Francesco Buniva, pioneer of the Jennerian vaccine in Piedmont, not only was his university chair abolished, but he was even expelled from the Academy of Sciences and deprived of any public office. Faced with the deprivation of liberty announced by the current no-vax who would do well to read the enlightening Edoardo Bertarelli, Edoardo Jenner and the discovery of vaccination, Istituto Sieroterapico Milanese, 1932, also available on the Internet, because history serves to better understand the present. In fact, Buniva and Jenner were right. Suffice it to say that in 1753 in Paris 20,000 people died of smallpox; in Naples, in 1768, 60,000 (in a few weeks) and in England, at that time, 40,000 people a year ended up in hiding.

Through the administration of the vaccine, then made mandatory almost everywhere, the last outbreaks of the disease worldwide were in Somalia (one) in 1977 and in 1978 in Birmingham, UK (two). In Italy, the anti-poisoning requirement, from which the less young among us have “suffered” (and which left only a mark on the arm for some …) on the face of the Earth.

Yet more than forty years later, some still believe that vaccines are not necessary. I remember the beautiful Argentinian film by Sebastián Borensztein, A bent heart (2011), by us What rains from the sky? with the big one Ricardo darin. The term a bent heart, in fact, it is a typical expression of the Spanish speaking countries which represents something false, crazy. Just like the cow that fell from the sky killing a girl who was on a boat with one of the protagonists, the Chinese Jun.

So crazy story, like those who, every day, feed us today’s novices, to deny their delirium as some “leaders” of the movement have done, some have ended up in intensive care (like Lorenzo Damiano , former leader of “Nuremberg 2”), or the Roman Franca Petrucci, or the teacher from Treviso Sabine Pattarello who was also without a mask, even the “leader” of the deniers, the doctor Pasquale Bacchus who proclaims today, like many other “repentants” who have harassed us on the Net with the refrain of the “health dictatorship”, that he has it all wrong. Yet there are still those who clamorously oppress us like ‘vaccine breeds autism and homosexuality’, ‘we microchip’ (even though people in the industry know that ‘the smallest version of a microchip’ is. too big to fit through a needle. “) Even Facebook and You Tube have announced that they will not accept paid Covid anti-vaccination ads.

However, among the no vax, there was even the belief that the photo posted on the Net of a man named Lee kum kee was that of the creator of the dreaded Covid vaccine, until that person’s true identity was discovered: actor Sung Kang (among the performers of Fast and Furious 5, 6 and 9).

Until we hear about a “health inquisition”, slogans like “better to die free than to live in slaves”, to put up with shameful photomontages like that of the Auschwitz gate with the words ” the vaccine makes it free ”instead ofi Arbeit macht frei, or images of the black bags containing the dead from the Covid in Latin America which, according to the deniers, were they full of garbage? Or that of the tramp who, the poor man, smokes a cigarette in one of those black bags, passed for “false dead Covid resurrection”? Without forgetting the writing in felt-tip pen on the packaging boxes: “Scientists, journalists, politicians, opinion leaders, governments are all in the hands of the Bildelberg group of the trilateral Aspen group of the Goldaman Sachs bank, whose objective is dictatorship. of the new world order ”… or to look helplessly at heads in the face of provocateurs and courageous Wild lucarelli who asks questions to the no-vax during a meeting in Rome (less deadly, fortunately, than the one taken by the investigative journalist Daniele Piervincenzi by the mafia Roberto Spada).

After all, the philosopher Umberto Galimberti he asserts that the no-vax live in a frenzy of anguish, recalling that Sigmund Freud and Martin Heidegger, who had never met, both maintained that “anguish is nothing to cling to”.


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