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Pockets, linings, and belts may not be the first things a business considers when building a denim or fashionable clothing brand, but these things have more power than they ever get. thinks.

First, they give the brand a fashion point, added value and brand identity in an ocean of similarity, both in logos, materials and prints. Second, if there’s one thing the industry has learned during the global pandemic and all the massive disruption that followed, it’s that a brand is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. ‘supply. With fashion elements sourced and manufactured around the world, even the smallest interior element is just as important for the wheels to turn into a finished product. And third, even when fashion dictates a distressed or ripped style on the outside, these pockets and linings should always be of the highest quality to maintain integrity and functionality. Nothing says cheap quality like pockets with holes, pills, or tears.

It’s why brands can’t skimp on the interior details of their clothing, and why 75-year-old Copen United Limited is ready to weather the perfect storm that has hit the fashion industry. Whether it’s supply chain issues, fluctuating cotton prices or the linchpins of sustainability, Copen has the global experience, flexibility and technical agility to help customers keep going. forward.

Barry Emanuel, President and Director of Copen United Limited.

At the helm is Barry Emanuel, President and CEO of Copen United, who has been with the company for almost 45 years and continues to move it forward. Today, Copen works with some of the biggest denim players in the industry: GAP, Levi’s, American Eagle, Abercrombie, VF Group, PVH, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Replay, Benetton, Lucky Brand Tommy Hilfiger, G-Star , CK, Denham, Kings Of Indigo, Pepe, True Religion, RLP and Rag & Bone, to name a few, as well as casual, dressy and performance clothing for men, women and children.

To meet the needs of the brand’s customers just in time, Copen has facilities and distribution points around the world with stocks in the United States, Central America, Mexico, China, Bulgaria, Tunisia. , Morocco, Spain, Pakistan and Hong Kong. Vietnam, Bangladesh and India too. Copen creates pockets in a wide range of styles including basic weaves, prints, jacquards, yarn dyes, chambrays, oxfords, knits, not to mention specialty finishes including performance attributes.

“If you’re making a sock, we’ve got a pocket for you, whether it’s mesh for performance or knit for work wear,” said Emanuel. “We are the interior designer of pants.”

Fashion backwards

While pockets, belts and linings have traditionally been inside clothes, they have gained more attention in recent times. “I once asked a denim customer in a particularly tough time if the brand wanted to move from their iconic printed pockets to cheaper solid pockets and he said no,” Emanuel said. “He wanted to maintain this point of differentiation of the brand’s identity.”

Beyond the pockets, the quilting craze has pushed brands to place colorful patches and linings behind expertly aged and ripped denim. In this sense, Copen has created over 100 different designs that customers can order, not to mention those already in its extensive print library. While 80% of Copen pouches are more basic, basic and traditional, 20% take a more fashionable route.

Different denim buyers also place more value on what’s inside. Japanese denim fashionistas, for example, often flip a pair of jeans to check for stitching, selvedge fabric, and seams. This is where the fabric and pocket prints really shine.

Beyond aesthetics, the pockets should be comfortable, as they rest against the skin. G-Star, for example, has been using Copen’s pockets around the world for years. “In addition to providing exceptional service with pre-stocked quantities in our main colors, we are happy to use these good quality items in our denims,” said Laurent Herrgott, Head of Fabrics and Finishes at G-Star . “This will ensure that our end customers have a stable and comfortable pocket bag to wear close to their skin.”

It doesn’t matter how trendy or comfortable they are, Copen United make sure their pockets and linings are durable too. “We are the workhorse of sustainable products, from organic poly to recycled poly, post-consumer, Ciclo and more,” said Emanuel.

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