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“Women should never be without earrings. Passing them on is a missed opportunity. -Jennifer Lopez

A simple white blouse, a wispy bun, a smear of lipstick and a swipe of mascara. Meet the classic feminine “casual chic”. But wait, add earrings…and voila, a striking fashion statement.

So why do earrings make women immediately “ooh” and “ahh” at the shiny pom poms dangling from another woman’s ear? The decorative touch immediately grabs attention and earns compliments as it sways back and forth, dancing its playful jig as the wearer moves. The better question would have to be, how could a woman refrain from commenting on such jazzy jewelry? (Additional points if a man notices it.) However, not only is this piece of jewelry a conversation piece, it’s also the king of fashion accessories.

Earrings have the power to turn a simple outfit into a bold fashion statement or dress up a casual dress into an elegant evening outfit. The position of the earring framing the woman’s face, enhancing the neckline and adding a “shimmer and shine” makes this piece of jewelry the perfect touch. In particular, the oversized earrings add a unique touch to the outfit, creating a striking look that effortlessly combines fun and elegance.

Welcome to the 80s

The resurgence of large hoop earrings is a nod to ’80s fashion trends that permeate clothing lines today through puff sleeves, shoulder pads and, yes, scrunchies. However, let’s hope the bright blue eyeshadow and neon fanny packs stay in place in the films of A hard worker and Fat. This great earring fashion has the power to set the tone of the outfit. Feeling fun and flirty? Pops of color on large earrings make a lively statement and also pair well with silk scarves, handbags or shoes in the same color palette. If you’re feeling particularly 80s, you can even match the color of your chunky pom poms with a scrunchie. Hello, Goldie Hawn.


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