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VSChances are, if you’re from the UK and haven’t heard of Michael Dapaah, you might have lived under a rock. Michael exploded onto the scene in 2017 with his mock documentary series on Youtube SWIL (Somewhere in London), where he first produced his most famous characters MC Quakez and the now famous Big Shaq.

With Big Shaq’s comedy hit “MAN NOT HOT“sitting at a whopping 395 million views on Youtube, Michael has simply reached viral new heights across the world and proudly carried his London and Ghanaian roots with him.

The one-off was fortunate enough to catch up with Michael Dapaah recently to talk about all things sneakers, clothing, and more, so if you have a few minutes, kick back, relax, and check out our interview with the legend. himself.

Every time I see Black Air Force it brings me back to high school because I couldn’t afford it and wanted them. Now I can get them, thank you Nike!

You are therefore participating in the JD Sports Christmas campaign this year. What is your earliest memory of JD Sports when you were a child?

“School, college, the JD sports bag was my PE bag. I made it my PE bag by force in 8th because I saw all the grown-ups and that. They didn’t have any school bags, so they put their paper and pencil case in the gym bag. There was a blue gym bag with the white JD logo on it, I wanted to go to JD Sports just to get this bag. “

“I put my soccer shoes in there and one of the cleats went through and my dad didn’t like me wearing it, he used to say, you have to stop carrying a carry bag to school, “African men are interesting. “It was my first real memory of a JD gym bag and I always tried to keep one for as long as possible. You know what’s crazy I think JD gym bags in school were so precious. I could have sworn it in the locker room when you were going to physical education and that, people were stealing them. They were stealing a JD duffel bag. “

What are your first thoughts when you see someone wearing triple black Air Force 1?

“School, high school. Beautiful, comfortable, brick. Why is white different from black? Every time I see black air forces it brings me back to high school because I couldn’t afford it and wanted them . Now I can have them, thank you Nike! “

Which sneaker or fashion trend do you regret participating in?

“Bootcuts. Bootcuts with sneakers and I think I wore them with shoes, moccasins, everything, it was tough times. I didn’t know about tailoring back then, it was just a lot of material. I have a really good tailor now; he could turn them into slim fits if I still had them. But yeah, I wore bootcuts with shoes on, we were good in it, we thought it was cool. Even the jeans True Religion were really bootcut, do you remember? When they first came out, they were basically flares, and I only had one pair, I thought I was turned on too. “

“Harry Styles, Harry Styles your name is Harry Styles, what could you have worn bruv?” “

If you had to describe your personal style as an animal, what would it be?

“Leo, my personal style is a lion. A lion is bold, confident, they are their own leaders and never afraid. It took me a little minute to figure out this fashion thing but once I do , I do my own thing, I know how to mix and mix clothes, I’m unique with that. ”

Of all the famous people you’ve met, who has the best gout? And frankly, who has the worst?

“I think Kevin Hart has a really good sartorial sense, he’s really dope. Travis Scott, I think he’s really dope, he’s got a really good sartorial sense. Winnie Harlow, amazing dress sense and then I love it. also a lot Cheryl Cole, I think she’s pretty flying, I think so, she knows how to put it back together, I’ve seen her do sets. Maya is a really good dresser too; I mean her stylists do a very good job. No, just kidding, that’s my darg she’s cool. “

“Worst dressed, there are so many people who don’t know how to dress that you don’t think, ah you’re one of them. Roman Kemp, I saw him wearing something on the Gogglebox , I said ‘what are you doing bruv?’ His dad looked turned on and he looked… I said, ‘Roman, what are you doing?’ I just thought ‘nah bruv’ Harry Styles, Harry Styles your name is Harry Styles, what could you have worn bruv? Harry Styles. I think Harry Styles. Yes. Harry Styles. Liam fine, Liam knows how to pitch together, he’s good bruv but Harry Styles doesn’t style bruv. You better live up to your name. “

“First date, I like to do fun stuff. I think dinner is boring because how long can I look at your face and eat? “

Suppose you are having a first date, what pair of shoes are you wearing?

“First date, I like to do fun stuff. I think dinner is boring because how long can I look at your face and eat? Let’s go out for dinner, I don’t understand, how long can you look at someone’s face? hello buddy. how long can you do that? i think you can never go wrong with a plain white Air Force One, you can wear it with a lot, or a nice one pair of Jordans, so yeah something like that if I like activities, I think bowling is pretty cool, mate, everybody knows how to bowling. “

What’s your pair of holy grail sneakers?

“Jordan 1, choosing a color is too difficult. I have a pair of “Not for Sale” models, which are difficult. These are sick! “

You can see Michael Dapaah in JD Sports’ Christmas 2021 commercial “WELLOME TO JD STREET” below!

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