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Don’t misunderstood, I don’t hate people. I hate discrimination. I treat humans according to chemistry, I check if we share roughly the same worldview. Where this does not apply, I look for skills, abilities equal to or far superior to mine in order to be able to learn. Then the zeal to change circumstances, especially that of the black man who is still pitied around the world, and of course I want to see that inner resolve in itself to be of service to humanity. These are variables that determine my friendship and my interactions with people, not tribe or religion. It is important that I reveal my hatred of stereotypes.

Stereotypes are a tool used by ordinary people to demarket and belittle innocent people or races for no justifiable reason. This happens even in the frame and must not only be condemned but stopped immediately. Recently I gave my column a face when, from being a page with just my name, I added “Plain Truth”. It was a decision inspired by the fact that it is time we started calling an excavator by its real name, if really our desire is to build a nation out of the society we call Nigeria. It is elementary to teach at this point that we are not yet a country. The basis needed to move from merged autonomous entities to a country is not there, if it were, not all aspirants to the post of president would start their manifesto with the promise to unite the country.

I don’t know if it’s true, but a friend told me that you don’t hear about the “unification” of the country into small underdeveloped countries like the Republic of Benin, Ghana, Guinea and others. If this claim is true, it further shows that it is earned, it is a by-product of sound organization and verifiable contributions to world civilization. We don’t contribute anything except nuisance. Our fellow citizens cannot defy all manner of odds to self-enslave abroad where they suffer all manner of indignities and we still expect the organized world to hold us in high esteem. It doesn’t work that way. That’s why we wear our thinking hats, to uncover flaws, brainstorm solutions and apply them.

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I had wanted to call this speech, “Leaders or destroyers”. It would still have served, but lazy readers wouldn’t watch and it would defeat the correctional purpose I intend to push, so I chose this forehand to the hip, it may sound sensational . However, the choice does not lower the stake, rather it gives it a filip. The leaders of the northern core responsible for indoctrinating the minds of the rest of the people of the region have never ceased to speak of a united Nigeria. It’s a song they sing at every opportunity. Ironically, in practical terms, they did very little to keep up with the chops. Their attitude and actions have been the main force behind the lack of cohesion plaguing the union.

There are long-standing facts to back up this claim, but take a few points from very recent developments that should worry us if we really care about having a country. We were told that there is a gentleman’s agreement among the ruling elites that, to establish a great country, the presidential seat should “rotate” between North and South. We were told that the Northern establishment had insisted that the deal not become a constitutional rule. If someone like me attended one of these meetings, I would have insisted on having it written into the constitution, knowing how unpredictable man can be. This is not a provision supported by law, but it has worked so far. A few weeks ago, the political parties on the basis of this agreement in the internal elections to elect their leaders led an exchange of positions, all the positions occupied by the South returned to the North and vice versa.

There is an equally unwritten rule that none of the divisions should have the presidential seat and the Party presidency to themselves. As a result of the exchanges, the presidency of two major political parties took up residence in the northern division. According to the convention, the South should produce presidential candidates for both parties, especially against the race that a northerner is about to serve two eight-year terms. Suddenly, the human factor came into play; greed, avarice, wickedness are thrown into the mix. Everywhere is overly tense and confusion has become the norm. The cause of all this is the resolution of the central power establishment in the North to remove the goal posts while the game is in progress. Their determination forced the two main political parties into a solution, even more so for the People’s Democratic Party, whose zoning is explicitly set out in its constitution.

The North now remembers that the zoning is bad, they see it as a factor that held us back. It’s great to see how a people can throw the scales in their eyes in a jiffy. Their new song is Merit, a song they started singing shortly after the same band nearly knocked the roof down on the rest of us because of the commotion it was their ‘turn. to produce a president for the country in 2015. They also told those who would listen that democracy is about numbers, and they have the numbers, so they must continue to dominate.

Let’s question the posture. Angels of death are known to come in the guise of angels of help and comfort and while they are accepted they take the opportunity to unveil who they are, so much havoc has already been wrought. This has been the tragedy of many people and society. If zoning was evil, the central power establishment in the North should have said so long ago and established it not just as a fact, but as a working tool to transform our fragile union into a country where good life and abundance are accompanied by the respect and recognition of the international community. After all, the division has held more presidential power than any group in the union. There is this other issue that concerns the true lovers of our society and that is why the application of merit should not go beyond the quest for the presidential seat to include recruitments, promotions and admissions issues in educational institutions?

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Patriotism is not about slogans, it is hard work. Leaders give people benefits which in turn make them want to die if it comes down to it, to keep their country. The young population is the subject of special attention so that they emerge in the future as much better leaders than their predecessors. That’s not what we do, rather we accept discriminatory policies, stifle the brilliant and innovating and reward the dumb. This is where we need the most merit, but who is looking in these directions? Nobody!

Now, if higher population equals dominance and relegation to democracy, a state like Arkansas, which is the smallest in the United States of America, will not produce President Bill Clinton. Everything America does may not be a matter of written law, leaders have this deliberate disposition to identify negative variables and the instinct to work to pursue movements that end it for the health of the society as a whole; they know how to create a sense of balance. It produced a first black president in Barack Obama; the current African-American Secretary of Defense and a few days ago, the incumbent president’s first black chief press secretary. Today, competence is around every corner; a race telling others they don’t care in a deeply plural context is like putting dirty fingers in anyone’s eyes. It hurts; a very injured man will certainly react even involuntarily.

President Buhari, who we thought because of his age would be a power builder, turned out to be a great destroyer. Under him we have seen the most vicious attempt ever made at ethnic and religious expansionism. His brothers from the Sahel are present in all spheres of our society, wandering aimlessly, causing trouble and causing harm. He doesn’t like the Igbo. One might have expected that with so much revulsion against the marginalization of the Igbo in his administration, he would have begun to make some real friends in the region.

He has instead chosen to protect the vulnerable who add to his problems. Penultimate week he was in Ebonyi State, and everyone thought it was an opportunity to show a touch of renewal. It turned out to be a conqueror’s visit. He scheduled a talk with a section of Igbo men and women, he allowed them to wake up and when they had time to include the governor of Ebonyi, the president chose to humiliate them.

Instead of a heartfelt response from begging calls in what was supposed to be a discussion of the way forward, he took his file and pulled out a written response from which he answered all the questions exactly. raised. Instead of armistice, he was in combat mode, hostile and berating people much older than him. He even warned them to be civil or…. Amaechi Mbazulike and others who gathered to beg desperately wanted peace, but were whipped.

I want to end this outing with quotes that I know are instructive for minds that aren’t closed to learning. Napoleon Hills said of a great leader: “If he is to succeed, he must be open-minded and tolerant on all subjects. If he closes his mind, he will be excluded from recognizing favorable opportunities and will lack friendly cooperation. Check Buhari and his diet, he can say he doesn’t care, well. Finally, Malcolm X talks to the central power bloc of the North about what the world has been like. “Fools,” he said, “try to ignore the facts, but wise men must face the facts to stay wise. Fools refuse to change their foolish ways and beliefs, but the mental flexibility of the wisdom allows him to keep an open mind that allows him to readjust whenever change becomes necessary. For those who want change, “no one in the world has achieved freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who oppress”.


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