The Importance and Necessity of the Veil


Islam is a complete code of life. Islam is derived from the word “Salm” which means obedience and peace

Hijab Verses: And when you have to ask them for something, ask behind the curtain. This is the best way to purify your heart and theirs. This verse is called the curtain verse. In Bukhari it is reported that Hazrat Anas bin Malik said that before the revelation of this verse, Umar had said several times to the Holy Prophet (saws): “O Messenger of Allah! veil.
Umar once said to the wives of the Holy Prophet (SAW): “If my words are obeyed on your behalf, then my eyes will never see you.”
But no law could be made without the order of the Prophet. That’s why they were waiting for his command. Eventually, anyone working with women was ordered to speak behind the curtains. After this order, curtains were hung on the doors of the houses.
Islam is a complete code of life. Islam is derived from the word “Salm” which means obedience and peace. The word Islam in Arabic means to draw attention to something. Present yourself to the press. Islam is a natural religion in which modesty has been given a lot of importance. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Modesty is part of faith”. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said that every religion has a characteristic and in Islam the characteristic is “modesty”. In the Holy Quran, Allah Almighty says: Surah Noor, verse 30: Tell Muslim men to lower their gaze.
This verse also shows that in Islam, men are also instructed to live within their boundaries and it is obligatory for men to keep their eyes downcast while respecting the dignity of women, to avoid sins. The commandment of the veil has been mentioned several times in different places in the Quran. In verse no. 33 of sura Al-Ahzab and in another place in verse no. 59, it was commanded: A woman is also called masturat. “Mastoo r” means a woman. There is a hadith about the veil in the Holy Quran which reports from Hazrat Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with him) that when he comes out, Satan seeks him.
In our society, it has become fashionable to adopt Western customs. We consider it our status to adopt Western values ​​by forgetting or abandoning our values. We are moving away from the religion of Islam by adopting the rituals of Aghyar, the disastrous consequences of which are before us. The mistreatment of girls and their growing number is eloquent proof of this. The average age of marriage in the West is two and a half years. The separation of parents has a direct effect on the lives of children. There is a rupture in society. In present times, wearing very tight clothes and not covering your head completely, not having a chador on your chest is tantamount to directly inviting sin and attracting Satan. The veil is a guarantee of complete protection and complete success for women of all ages. It is compulsory for a woman to cover her head and face in a Chadar. In today’s modern era, there is no problem in wearing many types of veils such as Burqa, scarf, socks, gloves and other clothes because in all these cases only the suitability of the woman has been taken into consideration. Women in pre-Islamic times were also naked but they wore clothes that covered their backs and kept their chests open and today the curse of modernity has made women unable to hide their backs and they are half-naked in bazaars. They walk around like they don’t need the veil and then blame the men for the rape, when the major sin (adultery) which is common in society has become a common thing and the reason is the nudity. “Haya” is a woman’s adornment. Its complete arrangement highlights the beauty of a woman. The veil protects the woman from the devil and the followers of the devil. In Islamic society, women are also educated behind the scenes, doing business and serving the nation effectively. Muslim women pilots, doctors, engineers and all walks of life play their part safely. This is the beauty of Islamic society. To be outside a woman’s veil is to incline man and woman to sin. Which not only violates the sanctity of relationships, but also leads to social misery. A woman’s veil has been given such importance that she is forbidden to worship without a veil and in a place without a veil. Some time ago it was a matter of veil that men and women had to wear turbans or hats on their heads and not doing so was considered a sin and disrespectful. What has happened now is that men and women do not consider it necessary to cover their heads and veil themselves, but those who do are considered stereotypical and rude.
For the betterment of society and the glory of Islam, we all desperately need to play our full key role. If parents pay close attention to their children’s dress and conversation, most of the mother’s problems can be solved. May Allah Almighty help us to live according to Islam in the true sense of the word, to fulfill our role by adopting Islamic values.

The writer is a PG student of Arabic, at the University of Kashmir


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