Supreme may be working on a Y2K-inspired collaboration with True Religion


Supreme Team skater Tyshawn Jones unveiled a mural of him this weekend in the Bronx, but it’s what he wore for the occasion that made the most noise.

Jones was spotted wearing an all-new Supreme x True Religion hoodie, suggesting a collaboration between the two brands is imminent. The purple zipper with contrasting stitching is a staple of the once reigning denim supplier and now sees the “Supreme” brand headlining above True Religion’s Smiling Buddha graphic.

If this collaboration had been scrapped seven or eight years ago, when rappers like Chief Keef and 2 Chainz were still playing hard for True Religion, the release would have been monumental. Today, the connection is certainly still surprising – but the only question is whether anyone really wants it.

The start of a comeback? – True Religion was founded in 2002 and enjoyed success throughout the decade as designer denim had a hold on fashion. The brand became more closely associated with hip-hop in the early years of the next decade, but even then sales began to decline with the onset of the athleisure boom. True Religion would file for bankruptcy in 2017, and then again in 2020 – and you get the feeling that it needs Supreme far more than the other way around.

If true religion is ever to reappear, the time may be right. Gen Z is bringing back trends from the mid-years when he was too young to participate the first time around. Low-rise, baggy jeans marked the beginning of the demise of skinnies, while the revival of the garish era can also be seen in the reappearance of trucker hats, Ed Hardy tees, and velor tracksuits.

Supreme has yet to confirm details of its collaboration with True Religion, but you’d better bet it will include the latter’s graphic denim. Even without seeing it, the capsule should be just sticky enough on paper to be adopted by 2000s fetishists. What if a Supreme collaboration is not which ushers in the return of True Religion, maybe it will never happen at all.


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