Supreme and True Religion are trying to make cargo denim a thing


Last week, Supreme skateboarder Tyshawn Jones was spotted in a True Religion collaborative hoodie surprising as much for its timing as for its very existence. Now, after we only had a week to process such a partnership, Supreme has confirmed its collaborative capsule with the once-reigning premium denim outfitter.

True Religion’s connection to Supreme is even more garish than one might have expected, starting with denim cargo pants that are sure to shock most sensibilities. Jeans with excess pockets will arrive in camo, faded indigo, black and pink, all except the latter featuring True Religion’s signature contrast stitching. The brand’s horseshoe logo is sewn onto the pockets as intended, while the logo patch has been transformed to include Supreme’s name.

As soon as we found out that the supreme and true religion would collaborate, the first question raised was why now? Flashy denim has been all the rage for 15 years, and hip-hop’s adherence to True Religion peaked about seven or eight years ago. If Supreme had launched this pod then, it could have turned Earth upside down – but now we wonder what audience he has left.

The rest of the goods – A slew of denim jackets to match the cargo ships are also on the way, and they just might be the best chance of getting a bit of a sleeper. Reading the situation with optimism, Supreme’s adherence to true religion comes as Y2K fashion has once again appeared. Brands like Von Dutch, Ed Hardy, and Juicy Couture were favored amid the Ashs revival, and True Religion was just as defining of the era as any.

The purple Buddha zip up hoodie we saw last week will also launch in black, orange and gray – everything except black being faded. The assortment is completed with a series of harmless hoodies in the same colors, while a series of six-panel denim hats are the most obvious bridge between Supreme and True Religion. Available in indigo, black, red, pink, or off-white, the caps see a rhinestone horseshoe sitting atop the Supreme name. Without missing out on superfluous stitching and fraying, caps can be even more ostentatious than cargoes and therefore more likely to be adopted by Zoomers who weren’t around during True Religion’s original reign.

Supreme’s True Religion capsule will be released as part of its weekly release at 11 a.m. ET Thursday via its website and physical locations. We can expect prices to be steep for what was once considered luxury denim, but we’re less convinced that the collection will spearhead a rebirth of true religion.


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