Sullia: Religious conversion, marriage – Asiya, mutual consent of husband for divorce


Daijiworld Media Network – Sullia (SP)

Sullia, October 23: “I had fought hard for my husband, Ibrahim Khaleel Kattekar, to accept me as his wife and allow me to become a member of his family for two years. There were no positive results or favorable waves. Therefore, I decided to retire from the hustle and bustle and live on my own according to my wishes, ”said Asiya Ibrahim Khaleel Kattekar.

Asiya and her husband agreed to divorce. During the long struggle, Asiya said she realized that her husband was not ready to accept her as a wife, even after she was 43 days with her family in Sullia. “My family in Kannur offered to take me back if I give up Islam and go back to my original religion, but I will not go back to my family or my previous religion, but I stay in Sullia and continue my activities social service, ”she explained.


She was addressing a press conference held at Patrika Bhavan here on Friday October 22. She noted with gratitude that the leaders of various organizations and institutions, priests and Swamijis sympathized with and supported her.

“I decided to come back from all kinds of fights I launched against my husband’s family who refused to accept me. I decided to lead the remaining happy life. Now Ibrahim Khaleel Kattekar or his family will have no connection with him They assured that they would not post any more statements in my favor or against me on social sites or the media in the future, “she said.

Asiya said she voluntarily decided to withdraw the cases filed at the police station and court, and called on political parties, religious representatives and caste organizations not to make any statements for or against her. She said she got married under Sharia law and decided to continue working to help women like her who have suffered in life like her. She urged the ladies to double-check everything and think deeply before getting married, instead of falling for oral promises.

The press conference was attended by Ummer, a member of the panchayat from the city of Sullia, in addition to Ibrahim Kattar, Abdul Latif and others.

We remember, Ibrahim Khaleel belonging to the prestigious Kattekar family of Sullia met a Hindu girl, Shanthi Joobi from Kannur and married her. The lady changed her name to Asiya. A few years after the wedding, the two had separated due to differences and Ibrahim Khaleel was unwilling to allow him to join him afterwards. Asiya continued her fight for her rights by holding press conferences and showing marriage documents. She had staged an overnight protest in front of a shoe store owned by the Kattekar family in Kattekar, Sullia, which had received wide media coverage. The Kattekar family refused to budge even though various organizations rallied around Asiya and offered to hold mediation talks.


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