Sandeepa Dhar says The Kashmir Files is like a punch in the stomach, remembers how his family fled Kashmir


Sandeepa Dhar’s family had to migrate from Kashmir during the Kashmir Pundit Genocide in 1990. The actress took to social media to share the story of how her family had to leave their homeland amid of the night in the back of a truck, and how The Kashmir Files brought back painful memories.


Sandeep Dhar, who was seen in MumBhai, comes from a Kashmiri Pandit family who migrated from their home country in 1990. She took to Instagram to thank director Vivek Agnihotri, congratulate the cast and share the ordeal of his family after watching The Kashmir Files.

Sandeepa shared a long note on Instagram with photos from her home in Kashmir. She wrote: “The day they announced that the Kashmiri Pandits had to leave their wives behind and leave Kashmir, my family decided to flee their homeland, hidden in the back of a truck, with my young cousin sister hidden under the seat behind my dad’s feet for safety, quietly in the middle of the night (sic).”

She shared how the movie reminded her of everything that happened with her family in Kashmir. “As I watched the same disturbing scene in Kashmir Files, it shook me because it is literally my own story! It was like a punch in the stomach for me. It’s much worse for my parents. My family suffers from PTSD because they had to relive it. This is the most important story that has taken too long to be told. And remember, it’s still, only a movie, there’s still no justice for us (sic),” she added.

The actress further thanked Vivek Agnihotri and congratulated the cast of the Anupam Kher titled film. “Thank you Vivek Agnihotri for showing the truth to the world. And hats off to all the cast brilliantly directed by Anupam ji,” her note concluded. The actor also shared some old photos from his home in Kashmir,” she wrote.

Take a look at Sandeepa’s post:


The Kashmir Files tells the true story of the brutal suffering endured by Kashmiri pundits in 1990 during the Kashmir uprising. It is a true story, based on video interviews of the first generation of Kashmir genocide victims from the Kashmiri Pandit community. It is a harrowing account of the pain, suffering, struggle and trauma of Kashmiri pundits and challenges telling facts about democracy, religion, politics and humanity.

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