Reviews | Since the leak of the draft opinion, a new wave of violence

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The biblical education that violence only begets violence has long been proven to be true, but rarely more poignantly than in the recent attacks on pregnancy counseling centers in Oregon and New Yorkthe disruption of church services and the alleged plot against the life of Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Perhaps America was too busy burying its children killed in the latest mass school shooting to connect the dots between the many efforts to intimidate, and therefore influence, conservative justices as they consider to go back. Roe vs. Wade. Since these acts of violence all targeted pro-lifers, they should be investigated as acts of terrorism.

It is a terrible irony that people who want to protect life have to put their own lives in danger. Perhaps violence is what we should expect when abortion, one of the most violent acts engineered by humanity, is ground zero. Whatever his argument for abortion, there is no debating the utterly inhumane violence inflicted on a human being in the making.

The whole apparatus of abortion is reprehensible at first sight, but with time one has become accustomed to it. In the process, we have found ways to discuss abortion that circumvent its appalling reality. We make the objectionable more acceptable by manipulating language. The object of the termination is not a “baby”, we are told. It’s a fetus. The terminology may be accurate, but “fetus”, despite its definition (“unborn offspring of a mammal”), sounds rather reptilian.

Predictably, Republicans and Democrats hunkered down by default, with each side accusing the other of insufficient outrage. Usually the effect is a stalemate, but this time the Republicans have the stronger case. The public hasn’t heard much from the media about the reported dozens of attacks on churches and pregnancy centers in crisis since May 2, according to the Washington Stand, a news site recently launched by the pro-life Family Research Council. A draft Supreme Court opinion that emphasized the end of the right to abortion was released on that date.

If you are looking for articles on this or that bombing, you will probably only find them in religious news outlets, such as the Catholic News Agency Where get the religion. Pregnancy centers that have been destroyed or damaged are doing nothing worse than helping vulnerable pregnant women with counseling and resources, as well as providing diapers and other baby supplies. Too bad for the pro-lifers who take care of babies until they are born.

Despite these attacks – and the alleged assassination attempt on Kavanaugh – President Biden has not been prompted to condemn them. Kavanaugh’s would-be killer Nicholas Roske, 26, told police he was upset by the leaked opinion and feared Congress would tighten gun restrictions following the shooting in the school in Uvalde, Texas. He arrived at Kavanaugh’s home equipped with a Glock 17 pistol, ammunition, knife, zip ties, pepper spray and duct tape and said he intended to break in and kill Kavanaugh and himself for give meaning to his life.

The National Review points out that Biden had three opportunities in front of a large audience to condemn these events. Instead, it seems delegate this work to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who said the president condemns all political violence.

Well, that must have been a balm for Kavanaugh’s soul. Biden also failed to condemn protesters who surrounded Kavanaugh’s home for several days. On the contrary, he took the time to say that protests are okay as long as they are peaceful. In fact, that’s not true. It is illegal to demonstrate in the private homes of judges under Title 18, Section 1507, of the United States Codeadopted in 1950.

You would think that Biden, who led the Senate Judiciary Committee for a time, could have consulted a lawyer before condoning illegal acts that could easily have escalated. It’s a scandal, period.

Biden should have used a megaphone to condemn all of the above, assuming he knew about it. He would surely have done so if the justice in question had been liberal. Can you imagine the media outcry? Surely he would have strongly condemned the bombings if the targets had been abortion clinics run by Planned Parenthood, which, through its advocacy arm, committed to spending $45 million in Biden’s name in 2020 (three times what he spent in 2016).

My best guess is that the judges won’t give their opinion on abortion until the end of the month. That means Biden still has time to be very clear that federal penalties for acts of terrorism can include life imprisonment and, in certain circumstances, death.

Violence, after all, begets violence.


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