Receiving emails from his ‘friend’ Donald Trump reminds him of those who are so easily duped – The South Dakota Standard


In the space of a day (and a night), I received a dozen emails (similar to the tone of the above campaign poster posted in of my “friend” Donald Trump asking me to “Save America.” In each, he wants me to donate to his cause.

I don’t know where his fundraising device got my name from or how the money will be used. I don’t know why his lawyers call me “friend” either. Trump is not my friend and given the threat he poses to our democracy, “Saving America” ​​to me means saving ourselves from an autocratic and narcissistic tyrant like Donald Trump.

I kept the emails because I want you to know what treasures are available to you, for a price. The first offer I received was for a Christmas stocking with a photo of Donald’s face on it and the words “True American Patriot”. It wasn’t clear if I was the Patriot or Donald.

This question was clarified as I have received other emails where I am often treated like a true American patriot, so I guess I am included. This Christmas stocking was offered to me at a reduced price of $ 40. Apparently it had been $ 50.

The second solicitation was for a chance to dine at Mar-a-Lago with Donald and a gathering of VIPs. He didn’t say who the VIPs would be, but my travel, hospitality, and meal would be paid for by my host. He said to me, “I don’t see anyone I would rather share this dinner with than you.” ”

Seriously, Donald? Can I suggest a candidate for Miss America? Yet for that $ 25 lottery ticket, why not risk it, just to see how the better half lives.

There were two opportunities to buy doormats for $ 62. One for “Brandon,” who is apparently running for the second time in Congress in Missouri. The doormat reads, “Come on Brandon – Trump 2024.” (Notice, it wasn’t just about supporting Brandon.)

The second doormat offer reads: “Don’t blame this family – we voted for Trump.” There was a flashing “limited supply” sign on my screen so I had to hurry. I thought about buying this one, just as a joke. There is a friend I wanted to share it with in the middle of the night, just imagining his face when he saw it on their doorstep in the morning.

An email didn’t put a price on Donald’s official Christmas card signing. Just sign it with my credentials and he would be so happy to see my name. I was also encouraged to write him a note.

They were looking for a million signatures and of course he would spend a few days (or weeks?) Reading all the notes his friends sent him. (Of course Donald! I heard you gave up reading your daily intelligence reports when you were president. Those notes from your “friends” are going to be a lot more boring!)

Of course, a donation was encouraged with the signing.

On two occasions, I have been invited to receive a MAGA hat, personally signed by our former president. Possible contributions were up to $ 500, but in reality any amount would do. This one made me wonder aloud if the hats were made in China, or the doormats, or the Christmas stockings?

One solicitation was about whether I wanted Trump to be in the White House. There was one of those yes / no polls that are structured to get one correct answer. This email was a complement to one where, as an “American defender,” I was asked to ask President Biden to resign. According to this email, Biden has made us an international disgrace with his withdrawal from Afghanistan and Putin is laughing at us.

For $ 42, I can buy an official Trump 2022 calendar. I’m told, “I can only keep your Trump 2022 calendar for a short period of time before I give it to the next patriot in line.” Get yours now before it’s too late. They don’t tell me if every month has a photo of Donald or not. Maybe Donald is there every month except December and April, when we celebrate Jesus instead.

There are more emails today, they keep coming; but perhaps it is enough to enlighten you on the possibilities available to you.

I would like to be a “friend” of Donald Trump. But my mother warned me against becoming friends with a liar and a cheater, until there was some semblance of repentance. As the lie of a stolen election continues (along with all the others), and these solicitations for personal glory and power continue to deceive the gullible, my patience is running out.

As for saving America and making America even better, let me make a few statements. We have a great nation when our policymakers work together for the common good, regardless of political party; rather than demonizing the other.

We have a great nation when we have a peaceful transfer of power; rather than supporting the insurgency and other attempts to overthrow legitimate authority. We have a great nation when we work to ensure the right of every citizen to vote according to his conscience without distinction of race, religion, age, sex, disability, etc., rather than creating electoral mistrust, manipulate electoral districts and threaten election officials. We have a great nation when we respect the separation of powers in the Constitution rather than “wrapping up” the Supreme Court.

We have a great nation when our leaders serve the people rather than manipulate them.

Carl Kline of Brookings is a member of the United Church of Christ clergy and an adjunct faculty member at the Mt. Marty College campus in Watertown. He is a founder and planning committee member of the Brookings Interfaith Council, co-founder of Nonviolent Alternatives, a small non-profit organization that for 15 years provided cross-cultural experiences to the Lakota / Dakota in the plains of the North and provoked conflicts. peer resolution and mediation programs in area schools. He was one of the first participants in the development of Peace Brigades International. Kline can be contacted at [email protected] This column originally appeared in the Brookings Register.


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