(PHOTOS) Casperites Protest Roe v. Wade in front of the True Care Women’s Resource Center


Protesters display their placards with the sun behind them: “Free Abortion”; “We won’t go back and we won’t back down”

CASPER, Wyo.– A large group gathered outside the faith-based True Care Women’s Resource Center, holding signs and protesting the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, as well as against Wyoming’s trigger law.

The group protests outside the True Care Women’s Resource Center. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

Protesters stood outside True Care for about half an hour, showing their signs and cheering. Several cars honked as they passed, acknowledging the cause.

The demonstrators display their placards towards the left side of the group. The sign on the right reads, “I can’t be trusted with a choice, but you trust me with a child.” (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

The protest went very quickly and was organized on Facebook, organizer Jane Ifland said. True Care was chosen because of its involvement with the church, as well as its refusal to refer or recommend patients for aborted procedures.

“True Care markets itself as advising pregnant women — not all pregnant women are women,” Ifland said. “And they never talk about abortion, and they all talk about religion. I don’t want that in my public life, and I certainly don’t want it governing your body. Simply unacceptable.

The demonstrators display their placards at the left end of the group. “My arms hurt from holding this sign since the 1970s.” (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

Wyoming trigger law, which went into effect as soon as the federal decision was overturned, will soon ban abortion in the state. Exceptions to this law are applied “when necessary to protect the woman from a serious risk of death” or a risk of serious physical impairment of a major bodily function. It does not include psychological or emotional conditions. There is also an exception to the law in the case of incest.

At least one other demonstration is in preparation. It will take place at noon on July 9 at David Street station. Entitled “Casper, Wyoming: The March for Women’s Rights”, organizer Quinn Lewis on Facebook said the protest march would head towards the Center Street courthouse. Participants are asked to bring at least one coat hanger with them “as a symbol of the potential loss of women’s rights”.

“This is a PEACEFUL protest protected by our rights to assembly, association and expression,” Lewis wrote.

Protesters show their signs – ‘It’s nacho uterus’; “Think outside my box.” (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)
The right side of the group shows its signs – “We won’t go back and we won’t back down.” (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)
Behind the group protesting against True Care. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)
Jane Ifland addresses the group at the end of the demonstration. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)


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