Peter Grimm Hat Company has teamed up with legendary American rock band Grateful Dead


“I’ve always been a huge Grateful Dead fan and attended a lot of their concerts growing up in my hometown of Portland, Oregon so it’s quite ironic and exciting that we are now partners in bringing this new collection to millions of Dead Heads like me and a new generation of fans, ”said Peter Grimm Niedermeyer, founder and president of Pierre Grimm.

The Peter Grimm x Grateful Dead collection is now available on and at select retailers nationwide. For real-time updates on the collection, follow Pierre Grimm on Facebook and Instagram.

On Pierre Grimm:
Peter Grimm Hat Company, an innovator in the industry for over 30 years, creates timeless, modern and beautifully designed hats for everyone to enjoy. It all started on the beaches of Southern california with an ambitious young entrepreneur named Pierre Grimm who created the Authentic California Lifeguard Hat by selling them in the trunk of his car. This spirit of creativity and imagination continues with the industry’s most modern and versatile product with a range of materials, designs and styles. Each hat is an original, inspired and designed for the real characters. These trendsetters and taste makers who recognize craftsmanship, style, quality and value and have their own unique and inspiring stories to tell.

About Grateful Dead:
Grateful Dead is a social and musical phenomenon that has become a true American treasure. In 1965, a whole generation was bound by common ideals, coming together by the hundreds and by the thousands. This move created a seamless connection between the group and their fans. As the group turned, Dead Heads followed. Not because it was part of popular culture, but because it is a real counter-culture that still exists today, which sincerely believes in the value of its beliefs. By 1995, Grateful Dead attracted the largest number of viewers in the history of the music industry and remains one of the all-time leaders in concert ticket sales today. Eventually, the caravan grew into a community with various artists, artisans and entrepreneurs responding to a growing demand for merchandise connecting them to music. Today, the connection is stronger than ever. The group was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 1994 and received a Grammy® Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. Their final tally of 2,318 total concerts remains a world record. Grateful Dead recently celebrated their 48th album in the Billboard Top 40, a feat no other band has achieved. @petergrimmhats #petergrimmhats #truecharacter

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