NC business owner, author, drag performer wears multiple hats | State and regional news


FAYETTEVILLE – A business owner from Fayetteville walks past his salon doors not only as a drag writer and performer, but also as a pillar of the community.

A native of North Carolina, Joshua Gray-Heim, 35, began his professional career at Carolina Academy, a partner school of Paul Mitchell. Now he and his husband Adam own the J. Co. Salon & Blo’Dry Bar.

“I was really looking for something that encompassed a sense of community, a sense of family and I really couldn’t find what my vision was, so we decided to open J. Co. Salon and Blo’Dry Bar,” Gray-Heim mentioned.

Gray-Heim describes his salon as a community business with the motto “make a difference instead of a dollar”.

“No matter what we own in this lifetime, our goal is always to give back and pay the rent, and the way you pay the rent is to give back to your community,” he said.

Suzy Hrabovsky, executive director of CEED, described Gray-Heim as very generous.

“He’s just a good community service person; it is just right. It’s refreshing to be there, ”she said.

She added that he not only helps ordinary people in his community, but other business owners as well.

“A lot of business owners are a little scared to talk about what scares them or maybe talk about some of the things they’ve done,” she said. “Josh will share all of his experiences. He will share the things that he has done well, he will share the things that he has done wrong.


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