Natick still has the trash bag blues


Natick has a new problem with his bruise Garbage bags for a fee and for once it has nothing to do with their quality.

The city says the supplier that makes and distributes the bags “has informed us of COVID-related supply chain issues (raw materials, dyes, spare parts, labor shortages and shipping limitations) that impacted their ability to provide a continuous supply of bags. for Natick.

A new set of 15-gallon bags will be delivered to retailers this week, and larger (33-gallon) bags are expected to be available next week. If you are really tired, stop by the Department of Public Works offices, 75 West St. They have a reserve.

The shortage sparked an online discussion, with some begging the city to adopt a sticker system where people could put a certified sticker on any bag they chose.

The select committee also broached the subject at the end of its meeting on October 6.

“We don’t want people not to throw away their garbage” if they can’t access the bags, said Michael Hickey, Select board member, asking even if an emergency waiver to dispense with the blue bags might be appropriate. He was reassured that while some retailers are sold out, others have.

Natick city administrator Jamie Errickson says he is working with the city’s public works department on a “plan B” if such shortages recur.

“We don’t know what the plan is yet, we have to figure it out, discuss what we can do logistically,” he said. “I think that highlights the vulnerability and it’s true in a lot of our business…” added Errickson, referring to the recent sodium fluoride shortage warning.

The the city switched to the current system in 2004 as a way to better manage waste and stimulate recycling.

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