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You plan your loan for a deposit without credit bureau and possible additional costs due to the move? Without credit bureau and credit checks, a loan is not easy to get, but not impossible. Bridge a short-term liquidity shortage with a loan without credit bureau. The loan application is rejected by the bank because of a negative credit bureau. Many financial service providers advertise especially on the Internet for the granting of loans, without first obtaining a credit bureau information from their contractors.

Mini loan without credit bureau

Mini loan without credit bureau

With a mini loan without credit bureau you have the opportunity to have a small loan even in hopeless situations. As brokers, we focus on mini-credits and other options and can also provide online loans at a low cost. A mini loan without credit bureau does not affect your scoring value. Mini loan without credit bureau also from the bank? First, the banks check whether the customer has a negative credit bureau entry.

For many people, a mini loan without credit bureau is the very last resort out of financial hardships. If your own bank in the case of a credit bureau entry has problems to get a mini loan without credit bureau, come to us. Before you get a mini loan without credit bureau, find out how much you can save monthly.

For us, a mini loan without credit bureau is part of the process of achieving customer satisfaction. Like all other loan offers, a mini loan without credit bureau offers the opportunity to easily repay a loan amount. Our experienced credit broker can immediately create a favorable mini loan offer without credit bureau for you and this also in the amount you need.

Have no credit bureau

Have no shufa

The Swiss Credit: There is no other credit from the state of the Confederation, as there are so many secrets and half-truths to this credit. Our following guide to the Swiss credit gives you the essential information. If you want to grant a loan “conventional” in the Federal Republic, a check of your credit bureau entries is the rule.

Hardly any other institution in Germany will do without this kind of credit check. That is, if there are credit bureau entries that can create a bad reputation. If you submit a Swiss application, it is not normal to consult the German credit bureau directory. So you get your desired credit even with bad credit bureau properties.

Instead, lenders focus on your money. Who is a Swiss loan for? Since this was a loan without a credit bureau query, it is particularly suitable for those persons who suffered from negative credit bureau registration. Often a loan from home and abroad or a loan without credit bureau information is a more concrete embodiment.

Anyone looking around the net for so-called “Swiss loans” receives a comprehensive range of information and loans. A Swiss bond brings several advantages. For example, the already mentioned renouncement of access to the German-language telephone book of credit bureau.Even later increases in borrowed funds and the like are usually very easily and quickly realized by most providers.

Last but not least, the Swiss loan without earmarking will be provided to you. In return, a Swiss loan has some disadvantages that you should be aware of. For example, due to its information function, this loan is often a bit more expensive than comparable offers in Germany. The maximum amount of a Swiss loan in Switzerland is generally $ 3,500 and in exceptional cases up to $ 7,500 (eg for spouses).

The maximum period of such a loan is 40 months. The advantages and disadvantages of the Swiss Loan at a glance: Disadvantage: Despite entries in the credit bureau possible? The main strength of the Swiss loan is that it does not turn to German credit agencies to assess your creditworthiness as a borrower.

Thus this form of credit is also available to you if you have a negative entry in the credit bureau. Although it is also possible to conclude a Swiss loan agreement directly with a Swiss house bank, this is usually done via an intermediary. Because Swiss loans are often claimed by rather hopeless applicants with bad ratings, there are also dubious middlemen.

For loans from home and abroad, credit counseling should initially be free. The commissions for the success of a Swiss loan are paid by the lending institution. The reputable loan offer should only be your Swiss loan amount. For other financial products – such as Insurance and the like – but they are usually not turned on by reputable agents.


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