Meghana Raj shares photos of her son Raayan Raj Sarja from his christening ceremony. Already seen ?


The son of Meghana Raj and Chiranjeevi Sarja, who turned 10 months old on August 22, has been named Raayan Raj Sarja. On Saturday, September 4, the actress shared photos of herself and her son Raayan during her christening ceremony. She also shared a video of her son’s christening ceremony. While Meghana opted for a silk saree, Raayan was dressed in a white shirt and waistcoat similar to that of her father, Chiranjeevi, who died on June 7 after suffering a massive heart attack.


Meghana Raj, who revealed her son’s name on Friday September 3, held a grand christening ceremony for Raayan on Saturday September 4. With the mother-son duo dressed in traditional clothing, the christening ceremony was attended by close friends and family. In the photos, Raayan can be seen wearing a vest similar to that of his father Chiranjeevi.

Sharing the adorable photos, Meghana wrote, “Raayan Raj Sarja (sic).”

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Meghana Raj and her late husband Chiranjeevi Sarja were married according to Hindu and Christian rituals. So it was only fitting that their son Raayan also got the best of both worlds. On Saturday September 4, Meghana also organized a baptism ceremony for her son as well as the baptism ceremony. Sharing a video of the two ceremonies, she revealed why she chose the name Raayan for her son.

She wrote: “As a mother it is important that I do the things that are best for my son, why not have the best of both worlds, like how his parents appreciated people no matter what. their cast or religion, prayed for him prayed for our families it is only right that we ask for blessings from all gods above it was important for me to do it both ways because his father, our king believes that humanity counts above all! Celebrate the best of both traditions! Spoken like a real king! Raayan (Sanskrit), the name also belongs to all religions different versions, different pronunciations, but a solid meaning! Showing our pride our prince our Raayan Raj Sarja! My baby, you will grow up to be like your father, he loved people for who they are and the kind of good work they do for humanity, not for the community they belonged to. He’s a donor, he’s already proud of you! Amma and appa love you! It’s time to SETTLE! (sic). “

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Meghana Raj welcomed her baby boy on October 22, 2020. His father, Chiranjeevi Sarja, died five months before his son arrived.

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