Mason County Churches Partner to Help in Ukraine


With several burning issues making headlines in the United States, it can be easy to lose sight of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine. A group of churches and ministries in Mason County says they haven’t forgotten what’s happening overseas.

The group is called Mason County Aid for Ukraine and is made up of nearly half a dozen churches and ministries in the region. Pastor of Living Word Church in Ludington, Brian Ford, says it’s important the community doesn’t lose sight of what’s going on.

“It’s easy to lose focus because there’s so much going on right now, but there’s a war going on in Ukraine,” says Pastor Ford.

Mason County Aid for Ukraine began its efforts recently. They have teamed up with a doctor in Ukraine and are collecting medical supplies to send.

“There is not one group, one denomination. It is very widespread and we are all coming together to provide this help. Because we believe the Bible tells us that true religion that is pure in the sight of God helps widows and orphans in their distress,” says Pastor Ford.

They gather supplies at the Help Ministry in Ludington. Once they receive the supplies, they are placed in a duffel bag and then carried by hand to Ukraine. Mason County Aid for Ukraine organizer Jim Scatena said they couldn’t have done it without the leadership of Jim Hill and the help of Help Ministry.

“[Help Ministry] jumped in at the last minute and is basically our base of operations,” Scatena says.

They have two volunteers and two pastors who board a plane for Poland and bring the duffel bags as carry-on luggage. Once off the plane, the volunteers bring the equipment directly to the doctor in Ukraine.

“Right now we have two clergy in the field looking after pastoral needs. And two of our volunteers who help transport medical supplies across the border,” Scatena says.Aideministryludington1

Scatena says that at first they thought they would be too small to make a difference.

“My approach was to reach out to large enterprises and they had already configured disks on a much larger scale,” admits Scatena. “So we brought it down to a small level and the doctor keeps telling us how big it was.”

They say that even with everything going on here in the United States, they hope the community will continue to contribute.

“A lot is happening in the world, but the situation in Ukraine is very serious. So we’re asking everyone to participate in any way they can to help an organization like ours gather these supplies,” Scatena says.

Mason County Aid for Ukraine is asking people to donate basic medical supplies like bandages and medicine. All donated items can be dropped off at any participating church or helping ministry.

Click here to learn more about Mason County assistance for Ukraine.


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