Mangaluru: RSS insults cops, army wears shorts, black hats, holds sticks – BK Hariprasad


Daijiworld Media Network – Mangaluru (EP)

Mangaluru, June 7: Opposition leader in the Legislative Council, Hariprasad, slammed the RSS saying it was insulting the police and army by saying they were protecting the country by wearing shorts, a black cap and holding a stick.

Speaking on a show in the city on Tuesday June 7, he said there were soldiers to protect the country. “RSS has never taken the lead for the protection of the country at any time. There is no mention in the Upanishad and the Bhagavad Gita of khaki shorts and a black cap for the protection of the religion. They are throwing mud in the eyes of others by doing this. Is it possible for them to protect the country when they are unable to maintain equality? How did they go from khaki shorts to pants when “they said persimmon is a symbol of martyrdom and sacrifice? They can even buy a suite worth Rs 10 lac when they get 40% commission,” he said.

“RSS has established its identity nowhere but in the Hindi belt. The country is not limited to the Hindi belt but also extends to the southern, eastern and western ghats. RSS was against the struggle for freedom. Ordinary people should know about it,” he said.

“The court gave a clear verdict regarding the Hijab. Execute the court order. Students involved in the Udupi Hijab controversy have approached the court. I salute the students as they went to court to assert their rights. BJP and Sangh Parivar started the Hijab agitation. SSLC exam results plummeted to 20% in Dakshina Kannada district because of this. There are different religious customs in the county. We will be crazy if we follow them all,” he said.

“There seems to be loopholes in Congress if the community that benefited from the land reforms leaned towards the BJP. Fake patriots called BJP are sowing poisonous seeds among people for their use. I need to spend more time in the district to fix everything. The high command will decide on district parliamentary elections,” he said.

“Serious discussions have taken place on the elections. The CCP presidents and the CLP leaders will convince the Congress workers. Congress will be strengthened again on the coast. People need to be told how the BJP is misleading them for the votes. Congress should educate ordinary people. I’m ahead in that,” Hariprasad said.

“Someone from the gutters is revising the textbooks”

“People felt the heat after issues arose on Brahmashree Narayana Guru and Abbakka Rani. They are trying to implement their hidden agenda through a back door. Authors and teachers are left behind when revising textbooks and they sit someone down from the gutter saying they are a teacher. We will not allow an ignorant person to implement the program of Nagpur University. We can’t say that RSS reviewed the textbooks because it’s not a registered association,” he said.


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