Mangaluru: childless couple feed street dogs to forget the pain


Daijiworld Media Network – Mangaluru (SP)

Mangaluru, Sep 7: Deputy Police Inspector Poovappa likes to share what he has with others. He lives in the police quarters here. The couple are very fond of animals. Poovappa and his wife are devastated that they haven’t had the chance to have children. To fill this gap, they feed the street dogs every day.

Poovappa is a reserve police sub-inspector here. He completed 32 years of service. His wife, Ragini, is a housewife. They provide sumptuous non-vegetarian food to a number of street dogs on a daily basis.

The couple have lived in police quarters for 15 years. Since then, they have satisfied the hunger of about 27 street dogs living in the area. Twice a day, they provide the dogs with non-vegetarian food. The couple spend around Rs 15,000 each month just to feed these dogs.

We learn that the couple only provide good quality chicken, pieces of thighs and other foods to the dogs. Ragini prepares delicious non-vegetarian food for dogs and is careful to never feed leftovers or stale food to dogs. If a dog is sick, she provides milk and cookies in addition to treating the animal.

When Poovappa and his wife need to be away in an emergency, they ask coworkers to feed the dogs in their absence. The couple, who forget the pain of not having children by feeding the dogs, do a commendable job providing food for street dogs.


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