Malaysians present a united front in the face of adversity


THE the recent flood that hit the Klang Valley caused damage and destruction, but with it also showed the true meaning of “kita jaga kita“in these trying times. All over social media, internet users have offered help in various forms – shelter, clothing, food, financial aid and even transportation.

Boats and kayaks, in particular, have been in high demand in recent days, with rescuers using them to reach victims stuck on rooftops as well as pets left behind.

This video of a group of men who rescued a bird and cats went viral over the weekend.

Individuals who own 4×4 trucks have also stepped in to contribute, showing no prejudice against race and religion in this time of crisis. Some have even come from other states to provide assistance.

By selflessly investing their time and effort, people have relentlessly helped in every way they can. Many stories of uplifting heroism have gone viral on social media.

In Dengkil, a volunteer put his fishing hobby to good use by pulling out his own kayak despite flooding flood waters in his own home. While transporting flood victims to relief centers, Ikmal Harun, 29, also dropped off food for flood victims who were quarantined at home because they could not leave their homes.

Social media timelines have been inundated with images such as this, people doing their part to help, as well as requests for help and additional donations.

Meanwhile, several companies have done their part to help flood victims.

Sporting goods store Decathlon has temporarily suspended the sale of kayaks, paddles and life jackets to the public, in order to make them available for purchase by NGOs and rescue teams. Convenience store retailer Family Mart donated ready-to-eat meals and pastries to relief centers. And even Perodua has announced that it will offer towing services to those whose vehicles have been hit or damaged by the floods.

Every help counts and seeing the nation come together in this time of need has been an incredible learning experience. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims.


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