Lohmann: RIchmond’s new community sewing group finds a common thread | Richmond Local News


Above all, when it comes to Swerling, something else has shaped: a community stitched together by a common thread (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

“It’s about bringing everyone together,” Swerling said. “We’re not talking about politics, religion or the bad news of the day. I hope we can get the word out nationwide about how to bring people together in a positive way, with sewing being the tool to attract and energize people. “

Later, in a text message, Swerling wrote, “Sewing is so healing, for both mind and soul.

Among the first responses to Swerling’s post on Nextdoor came from Carmela Brenzie.

This means Brenzie loves to sew.

“Sewing is something that I have done most of my life, [but] in my 50s that was something i had moved away from, ”sand Brenzie, whose first sewing project was making a garment for a Girl Scout project in elementary school. She took up sewing in high school and studied fashion design in college, but never made a career. “It takes time, and when you have kids and stuff you don’t always have time to sit down and sew.”

At the start of the pandemic, she spent the time doing puzzles, not sewing, but had considered making a semi-formal dress for an upcoming event. While Brenzie wondered if this was something she could do, Swerling posted her query on Nextdoor.


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