Letters from the readers, March 7, 2022 | Letters


Jeanie Stephens sent a letter that provided much food for thought (“Testimony,” February 26).

She says: “My mother had a very hard life. She had 13 children and lived in poverty all her life. More than once we were homeless.

Unfortunately, life is often full of pain and suffering.

Many people use a crutch to help them through life and deal with sadness and disappointment. That crutch can be drugs, alcohol, or religion with its tantalizing promise of a better life after you die and going to Sugarcandy Mountain which is located somewhere in the sky, a little distance beyond the clouds, and it’s Sunday seven days a week.

Jeanie goes on to say that her mother “told me she would be very tired and feel rested after going to church.”

I can believe that. She offers further proof of the validity of Christianity by saying, “I have seen many lives changed by belief in Jesus Christ.” I can believe that too, but that doesn’t prove anything because you could just as well replace the name of Jesus Christ with Ra, Pele, Muhammad, Buddha or any of the other gods and goddesses invented by man through the ages.

There’s one important aspect of Christianity that Jeanie doesn’t touch on: is it true?

I do not think so. I see it as indicative of man’s fear of the dark coupled with wishful thinking in an effort to escape the frustrating struggles of life that were mentioned above at the beginning of this letter.

Some people strive to remain grounded in reality, and although they are aware of the vagaries of life, they deal with them without retreating into the false comfort of drugs or religion.

The earth is now in a grand solar minimum from 2020 to 2053. During this time the earth will cool considerably, as it has done many times in the past.

What will the UN climate change panel do to keep busy. They will likely take credit for their temperature reduction by reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.

The senile puppet who calls himself president delivered his first State of the Union address.

The most disgusting thing about this masquerade was seeing this puppet receive a standing ovation. Why were they clapping? Was it for the highest inflation in 40 years, gas prices up to $5+ a gallon, empty shelves in the market, Russia and China coming together creating a deadly force and the mismanagement of our foreign policy?

Or was it the prospect of nuclear war, skyrocketing crime in our Third World cities, millions of Americans being killed by drugs, because of his open border policy, or was- what the applause for the devaluation of our dollar and our horrible economy?

He never once mentioned his accomplishments. He only talked about fixing what he screwed up on the first day. If Biden wanted to cut gas prices, he would run oil drills and stop buying Russian oil that is funding Putin’s war on Ukraine. Foolish.

Sanctions against Russia, I bet Putin was shaking in his boots when he heard those harsh words. Putin does not follow the rules, have you noticed? Biden ended his high school speech, announcing Trump’s plan for a closed border, which was handed to him on a silver platter.

Now a reverse course of defunding the police, not defunding them. Buy American, another Trump line. I kept waiting for him to say, let’s make America great again and throw in the red hats.

Does Biden think we’re as senile as he is and forgot? Remember the hype when Trump was in power. Trump is going to start a war. False, it was 4 peaceful years. Look at this mess now. We had Peace through Strength now. we have war through weakness. We are the punchline you and me. We the people are hanging to dry.


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