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My God,

I have a curious relationship with you. I have shared every moment of my life with you, and all my emotions, whether it is those rare portions of pleasure or the large portions of pain and sorrow. Not a day has gone by that I didn’t think of you. God, you were my one and true confidant! But, believe me, my God, despite my best attempts to lock my mind in a safe almirah, a strange object called reason keeps coming out of nowhere and confronting me with uncomfortable prospects. Don’t worry, but that’s when you come across as a hypocrite to me, with double or even multiple standards of behavior.

Godji, you say that poverty is dear to you and that the road to salvation or moksha passes only through the garibi. Yet when I see your sumptuous abode – the temples adorned with gold studs, the great gurdwaras and the great offerings made to you – the word irony in my vocabulary is simply erased in shame. When I see the fancy cars, lavish lifestyles, and overseas travel tickets of your representatives – pujaris, priests, and granthis – it’s hard to swallow the chewing gum of the homilies – “them. poor are supposed to be rich in faith “and” learn to have a servant’s heart and to live in humility and gratitude “.

You shared with us the lesson “Ask if your neighbor is hungry first”. But we are used to first making sure that the person’s religion, caste, and race is the “right one”. Your bandas and your servants are there to intimidate those who do not follow the path stipulated by them. Even in Big Brother’s house, children are given critical racial theory-based homework that asks them the question, “What is your race, your family makeup, and your community school group?” “

Well, I can anticipate your explanation for this contradiction. You claim that these misdeeds are not your work but that of your creations.

Anything done on your behalf cannot be attributed to you. Allowed! You have every right to delete your own name. But answer me this, God, being so powerful and omniscient, how are you unable to reform these evildoers? Well? What do I hear you say? Ah! Now your plea becomes this: We are suffering the consequences of karma. Wow !

It seems that only those who know how to exploit religion can draw the winning ticket in the lottery of life; just having faith in God is like having a Jan Dhan khata with zero balance. And when it comes to the definition of religion, well, things get a lot uglier. I never imagined that teaching sociology would be so difficult, especially in recent years. The dictionary meaning of the word religion, “that which holds together,” confuses students. There is always a stifling silence in class when I announce this definition. “Unite people! Are you serious? ”I hear my students thinking. You can’t blame the students. All they see around them is hatred and indifference in the name of religion. All the terminology for them is free from prejudice, distorted beyond redemption. The terminology itself is a T word. But all T words today are reserved for members of a particular religious community which is called “them”. “,” Traitors “,” terrorists “, etc.

We live in a society where every other day someone or a group of people suddenly emerges from a deep sleep like an unrolled kundalini and, instead of being enlightened, prepares to consume all unity and peace, thanks to the support of a particular force. Former white supremacist Kerry Noble, in his book Tabernacle of Hate: Why They Bombed Oklahoma City (1998), explains how believers are likely to practice fanaticism and feelings of chauvinism. He argues that having a perceived enemy and a leader who seeks to control the way his people think, in combination with blind belief, is a sure-fire cocktail of hate. No wonder then that religion in the hands of politicians is like a 40-year-old capsule used to divide people.

Now, how long can I keep my logic locked up as you and our netas keep the doors firmly closed to the people’s pleas for mercy? How long do we remain delusional on the opium of religion and do we continue in bad faith or in bad faith to ignore the just warnings of Jean-Paul Sartre? Your followers, we call them the faithful, but aren’t they really simple followers of prabhuvaad or the cult of the master, whoever the master is – the politician, the imperialist, the office manager, you or the ” company ” ?

But, really, Mr. Godji, despite all your valuable sermons and teachings, you seem to have become a puppet, a katputli, in the hands of the “dharmik” and the rajneetik who seek to crush unity by enforcing uniformity. . When are you going to break free? Do you need to be helped by us, the meek, the great unwashed? No doubt we can when we organize ourselves against the misappropriation of ideas, ideology and identity. But do you really want to be saved? And if you don’t, can we have a reason for religion instead? Now, won’t that put all of our netas out of business?

– Kulbir Kaur


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