Kim Burrell apologizes for church’s ‘ugly’ sermon, threatens critics with legal action


Kim Burrell expressed regret for the shocking remarks made during a religious sermon that went viral.

However, his words came with a warning for those who dabble in “slander and defamation” of his name.

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In a video that has now been viewed millions of times online, the Gospel singer is seen saying:

” You choose. Do you find some value, you know?

Sometimes, before making friends, we have to do an interview: how long have you been broke? How many times have you changed your name on your lighting bill? How many of your bills are in your little cousin’s name? Do you live in a trailer or a house? »

Elsewhere, she joked:

“I don’t know, maybe you have some left over from your PPP loan. Prayer, praise and power… you understand.

Curiously, in conclusion, she said:

“I haven’t chosen anyone to be ugly yet. God is good. God is big. You are all superb. Most of you have hats covering most of that anyway. Here for you.”

While the congregation seemed to agree, social media en masse did not. And the backlash has been relentless.

Addressing the drama, Burrell said:

“As a citizen of the kingdom and a woman of integrity, I can recognize that some of my words, even if said in jest, may be offensive. My intention is never to hurt anyone but to spread love, laughter and most importantly the gift God has given me by singing.

If anyone was offended, I can sincerely say I apologize.

She later threatened legal action against critics for “slander” and “defamation” of her character.

Read after the full statement:


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