Kanye West Misogyny, Celebrity Halloween, Golden Goose


It’s the weekend, baby!

And the week has been as busy as ever. We have witnessed the rebirth of True Religion (and a Japanese rival), Tiffany & Co.’s advent calendar, new NBA uniforms, Martian clothing, Mister Mort’s tie-dye cashmere, engagement of K-Stew and the return of Animal crossing fashion, to name a few moments.

Elsewhere, we’ve seen Amine flexing Arc’teryx, Young Nudy in the middle of “Green Beans,” denouncing the Metaverse, chatting with Lourdes, discussing the digitization of shoe design, meeting with the founders of Norda, and chatting with Kerwin Frost. of its new adidas line.

Speaking of drops, there’s been an embarrassment of riches this week, like YEEZY’s NSLTD BT (and the bizarre knit boot), Rick Owens’ latest Veja collaboration, Moncler Genius, Junya Watanabe x Supreme, A Ma Maniére. X Jordan (and a few Jordan chairs) and the latest Palace Vans.

Enter the Kanye Korner, where the rapper’s customized Ford trucks are remembered and his love affair with CdG Foamposites and other Nike.

All of that and we didn’t even mention our ultra-in-depth investigation into Chinese influencers or the Gucci show, which included Jared Leto, Macaulay Culkin, and silver butt plugs.

Now, if you need us, we’re going to be reconsidering the best and worst Halloween costumes of the year.

New month, same misogynist Kanye

“Is it smart to speak out on behalf of rape survivors and declare Bill Cosby innocent? Is it great to use sexual abuse as click bait by inviting famous non-Christian Marilyn Manson to a led prayer circle by Justin Bieber? “

Talk about the best fall gear with 114.index, advanced.rock & l.holl

“As the meme from about three years ago once preached, November means it’s time to really start dressing again. To be honest, talking about ‘transition pieces’ and’ staples of ‘fall “has always seemed a little foolish to me – anyone who lets the seasons dictate that their wardrobe is a psychopath.”

“But it’s true that for a lot of people now is the time to feel comfortable splashing around on that big winter radiator, whether it’s a new jacket, fleece or gloves. lined with cashmere. “

Have celebrities ruined Halloween forever?

“Since the rise of social media, Halloween isn’t just about dressing up, it’s about making viral gold. For us ordinary people, that means getting a few hundred likes and comments on our post. IG, but for celebrities that means hours of preparation to go viral. “

We all live in a post-genre fashion future

“If genres were the grammar of fashion, fashion today mostly works around words, that is, clothes. Like a DNA sequence or a blockchain, the possibilities are endless.”

“There are only signifiers – physical and digital – that we recombine at our disposal. The only blueprint is who wears clothes, and how they wear them.”

Golden Goose’s scuffed shoes make me feel distressed

“I just can’t understand how these ultra-maximalist – but otherwise quite boring – shoes generate international appeal. Like I said, it’s good that luxury goods are expensive, but how can something ‘so visually disturbing can it cost so much and still fly off the shelves? “

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