Johnny Weir defends his style of Olympic closing ceremony


Jonny Weir doesn’t skate on this style criticism.

After Jenna Ellis, senior legal counsel for former President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, questioned his “masculinity,” the two-time Olympic skater, 37, defended the outfit he wore to co-host coverage of the NBC Olympics closing ceremony.

For the Sunday show, Weir donned a cream-colored Frolov jacket, Lapointe pants, and AGL boots. Her look was complete with Olympic references, from the touch of gold on her jacket to a hair clip in the shape of glittering Olympic rings adorning her pompadour hairstyle.

Ellis was less than impressed with the look, Tweeter, “Clown at the #WokeOlympics Closing Ceremony. How appropriate and utterly embarrassing.

She doubled down on her reviews in a second tweet, again sharing Weir’s photo of the outfit and add, “Go back to the days when boys cared about growing up to be real men.” Biblical masculinity over awakened fragility.

Weir applauded the comment, reply on twitter, “The man I have become is a human who embraces the strength of the man and woman who raised me to be myself.”

He continued, “If you feel overwhelmed by someone else’s beliefs, remember that you are free to live your life as YOU believe. Moreover, religion is not an excuse for hatred.

His Tweet prompted another response from Ellis, who wrote in part that Weir “will have to answer before God for your choices and your beliefs.” Choose the truth and Jesus.

Johnny weir
Johnny Weir shared a closer look at his Olympic ring-shaped hair clip.

Weir, who closed the Tokyo Olympics alongside former Olympic figure skater Tara Lipinski, is known for her signature style and regularly updates both live and off-air.

He also shared a close-up of his closing ceremony hairstyle on Sunday, writing: “I was honored to be here, but more so, I’m so grateful that the athletes had the opportunity to shine and shine. make their dreams come true. “


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