“India is a poor country, why would someone donate to you for fact checking”


In Sitapur, they asked me why I didn’t tweet? That I only tweeted his rape threat, but not the apology video he tweeted hours after the police filed a complaint against him. I was like why should I? His video didn’t strike me as an excuse and it’s not an excuse.

They were very shocked that out of 15 employees, New Alternatives only has three Muslims in his team, including me. They wanted me to name all the employees, so I named them. At least two or three of them were shocked that almost all of them were Hindus–”Hoke Tum Hinduyou write against Hindus.” I said we don’t do that…we only write against people who spread misinformation. Also, most of our donors are Hindus.

In the case of Delhi, I explained that I had only tweeted and there are examples of government supporters tweeting the same image. They didn’t like the fact that I mentioned 2014. Soon after, they too switched to New Alternatives funding… but that has been my experience in all the previous cases as well. The line of questioning is about New Alternatives funding. They showed me the list of donors. Asked me why people would give around 40,000.

They were actually pretty nice to me, but I was a little shocked by the court in Patiala when they accused us of getting foreign funding… and I was getting money directly into my account. Although I think they were convinced during the interrogation that all the money we received was from Indian accounts. Whether on Razorpay or Instamojo, you cannot enter foreign cards.


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