How to Make Money: Guide to Reselling Clothes in 2021


We’ve all seen the photos and videos online – the kid with stacks of Adidas Yeezy boxes in his garage or the guy on the street rummaging through his new bags of Supreme goodies on a Thursday morning that will cover the monthly rent. . Go to almost any mall in any state these days and you’ll likely see a recently opened consignment store full of coveted sneaker collaborations and streetwear drops. As of this writing, Grailed has 3,118,766 product listings. Reselling is a full-fledged business for many people and despite the crowded market, it can still be a great way to make some extra cash if you know what you’re doing.

“The possibilities are endless. I have friends who do similar things to me and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. If you buy the right items and sell for the right amount, it is very possible to earn 100 $ per day, “says Adam Ezzell, Grailed salesperson. Ezzell joined the platform in 2015 and has since racked up 9,049 transactions with over 6,500 5-star reviews on his page, Mom.” Even back in my days. was just buying stuff from thrift stores just to pay my rent and buy food, my goal was $ 100 profit per day. I was able to meet and exceed that goal with thrift store stuff. “

Believe me, we know that the concept of reselling can sometimes be a little frustrating from a customer’s point of view. It’s hard to get an L when you see the local dealer getting their hands on products from a warehouse. But not all clothing retailers operate in this space. There are those who specialize in archival fashion. There are people who operate shops dedicated to vintage clothing that you may never be able to find elsewhere. Hey, even if you just want to sell some of the clothes in your closet for a little extra spending money, it’s important to get it right. That being said, we’ve compiled a few tips that we think will help you optimize your next resale business. Take a look at the full list below.


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