How the “Sing 2” Choreographer Helped Gracefully Move a Gorilla


Choreographer Sherrie Silver calls Universal’s “Sing 2” a dream to work on and highlights the plot of the film starring Johnny (voiced by Taron Egerton), a moving gorilla who can’t dance but ends up finding the confidence needed.

Silver’s job often finds her collaborating with models and stars who don’t always know how to dance. Helping them realize that they can dance is something she finds fun. “Sing 2” features a menagerie of sung cartoon animals led by the koala Buster Moon (voiced by Matthew McConaughey). This time, Moon and his troupe are heading to Redshore City in Las Vegas to put on a show.

Johnny d’Egerton isn’t much of a dancer, but in the end he finds his rhythm.

“It was so much fun creating a choreography where this character starts out without confidence,” Silver said. Variety. “I work with a lot of models who don’t necessarily know how to dance, and at the end of the day making them realize that they can do more than just pose is so awesome.”

To help bring Johnny’s moves to life, Silver worked with the animators, not Egerton. “I was doing choreography for the animators who were also learning to make this animation dance in a new way,” says Silver. Since most of the animators were not dancers, Silver would record videos of herself and her dancers as they performed the moves. As well as providing videos at a normal pace, it would also provide slowed down versions of the choreography.

“I would break every little movement. It was all in the hands of the animators, ”said Silver.

The choreography process was something Silver worked on for two years. She and director Garth Jennings walked through the animation process, from artwork to movement to the final 3D process.

“I could appreciate how hard the animators work. I think they were producing about three seconds a week, per person, ”says Silver.

The most difficult scene, says Silver, was the moment of the final scene with all the characters coming together. “There were so many characters on stage, but since I was working during the pandemic, I couldn’t have that many dancers. “

For the small team she might have, Silver supplemented the lineup with dancers who had comprehensive skills like Afrobeat and street dancing. “At one point I had three dancers to get together, including myself where I was Johnny.” She then had to explain to an animator how to convey that to the character.

Her biggest highlight was not just seeing her culture represented in the dance moves of “Sing 2”, but rather seeing how the animators brought her to life. “It was seeing how the animators described these movements as accurately as an animal could,” praised Silver.


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