From Neo’s Awakening to Agent Smith’s Omniscience: How Well Do You Know The Matrix? | The matrix


Ta Matrix is ​​more than a blockbuster movie franchise, more than a cultural touchstone, more than an epic reel for philosophical speeches from a dude in a trench coat with nose-clip sunglasses. With the first installment arriving in 1999, positioned on the edge of the good old 90s and the impending end of the 21st century, The Matrix became a believable (ish) way to explain the universe (anticipating simulation theory, which came soon after) and even spawned its own quasi-religion, “Matrixism”.

Written and directed by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, much of the original trilogy was filmed in a computer simulation known as Australia: Not the most advanced program in the world, but it got the job done. With the trailer for the late fourth installment, The Matrix Resurrections, arriving last week ahead of the film’s release in Australian theaters on January 1, the world is poised to see through the veneer of existence again and to accept that our lives are just pieces of code designed by aliens.

So, do you know Matrix well? How many times have you looked at a silver spoon and tried to bend it with your mind? Test your knowledge below and remember: we can only show you the door; you have to go through it.

1.In the first film, a text appears on Neo’s computer asking him to “follow the white rabbit”. He later sees a picture of a white rabbit where?

2.The scene featuring the woman in the red dress was filmed closest to which location in Sydney’s CBD?

3.When Agent Smith first sits down with Neo, does he mention what altruistic activity Neo is involved in?

4.When, as Cypher, Joe Pantoliano delivers his famous mini-monologue on how he enjoys his simulated steak, which of the following words does he use to describe it?

5.True or False: Gloria Foster, the actress who played the Oracle in The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded, died before filming her role in The Matrix Revolutions.

6.When Neo talks to the Architect in The Matrix Reloaded, which of the following turns of phrase is NOT used by this immaculately dressed, noble-sounding, somewhat reading-inclined man?

7.With the film being released worldwide simultaneously, at what time did The Matrix Revolutions first public screenings in Sydney take place?

8.True or False: Australian film legend Hugo Weaving will reprise his role as maniacal computer program Agent Smith in The Matrix Resurrections.

9.Much of the original Matrix trilogy was filmed at Fox Studios in Moore Park, Sydney. Which of the following successful productions did NOT include scenes shot there?

ten.In the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, what object appears above Keanu Reeves’ head while in the tub?


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