Francis Bourgeois is a national treasure of the TikTok era


The world is a horrible place right now. With the increase in Omicron cases and a state of perpetual terror hanging over our Christmases, we need all the solace we can get. And many Internet users have found their happiness with Francis Bourgeois, the train watchman who has gone viral, finally, to spot trains.

But, obviously, the reason people turned to Francis isn’t because of his hobby – while most respect him, frankly, trains aren’t the reason people watch his videos. . It’s his unfiltered joy and passion – and his quirky camera angles, filmed using a GoPro – that he’s since become famous for. In a world where young people are under pressure to fit in, it’s refreshing to see someone fully embrace a hobby that traditionally hasn’t always been considered as cool as music, baking, cooking. skateboarding or football.

It’s not just us normal people who are obsessed either, because celebrities can’t get enough. He appeared on This Morning with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, and featured Arsenal legend Thierry Henry in a video. But he’s also had plenty of other famous people wanting to get involved, including – at random – Jonas Brother Joe Jonas.

In a video released Friday, Francis responded to some speculation he might be a character after photos of him in college – wearing what he later called “roadman clothes” – appeared on the internet. . Some thought he couldn’t be interested in trains, as he was seen in a Burberry shirt (which is downright ridiculous, as what you wear or look like doesn’t determine your leisure time).

In a TikTok, he explained, with photographic evidence, that he had always been obsessed with trains when he was in school. But, for a while, he felt so compelled to fit in that he sold his model train for a gym membership. But that since the lockdown he has embraced his hobby again and feels so much happier that his life is now purer. (We don’t cry, you are.) “Train watchers come in all shapes and sizes,” he says, before referring to his outfit, “they can even wear a True Religion denim jacket and pants. Air Max sneakers. “

Since creating his healthy TikTok during the pandemic, Francis has racked up a whopping 1.9 million followers there, and 1.1 million more on Instagram. While we believe his love of trains is very real, the one thing that certainly isn’t genuine is his name, as was recently revealed by the tab that he’s actually called Luke Nicolson ( but hey, most famous people, like actors and singers, have stage names – so why not Francis?) He also signed with a leading modeling agency, and since then has become a media personality , he even did a shoot for the iconic magazine The Face.

Among his millions of fans, some have also been heartbroken recently to find out that Francis is not single, as he revealed in a video – while traveling by train – that he had a girlfriend. (As one sums it up: “About 900,000 women have just died of heartache.”) He’s believed to be around 21 or 22 years old, and he’s studying engineering at university. from Nottingham and was able to give up his job because of his career. .

One thing is for sure, Francis isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – and we only expect his career to continue on an upward path.

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