Flyers promoting hate bombard Scotia overnight


This anti-Semitic leaflet found in Scotland makes the connection between Disney, pedophilia and anti-Semitism. [Photos all provided]

Last night two children found a flyer promoting anti-Semitic views in the small former company town of Scotia between 10:10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. By the time they finished picking up the person or people who spread the hate packets, they had found between 30 and 40 plastic bags filled with anti-Jewish literature on the porches of the small hamlet, reports the mother of one of the boys who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

The children brought the plastic bag to show the woman. “There was a flyer and some oatmeal or peanuts to weigh it down,” she told Us. “It was anti-Jewish propaganda.”

The woman told us that when she saw the flyers, “I was quite shocked. I didn’t think what I was looking at… was what I was looking at. She said she felt fear. “What else will happen now?” she’s worried. “What next steps are they going to take.”

Another anti-Semitic leaflet found in Scotland.

Another anti-Semitic leaflet found in Scotland. [We’ve blocked out information on how to go to a website that promotes these hate baggies]

After the mother explained to the children that it was the literature that was designed to stir up hatred against the Jewish people, her children and a friend of theirs went out to see if there were others in town. “They spent probably close to an hour picking them up from 2nd to 6th [Streets] people’s porches and throwing them away… My eldest estimated they found 30-40 just in Scotland.

She explained, “We don’t want it to be something that everyone sees and encourages people to act out in hate. It’s a shitty thing to get out on your porch and see.

She added, “And you don’t want other people coming out on their porch and saying there’s others like me and wanting to do more…Seeing this stuff and getting that aired there are other people on this spectrum, they could join forces and really speed things up… We’ve had enough [hate] here; we don’t need it spreading.

Every aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish.  argues the leaflet.

“Every aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish,” the flyer claims.

The woman told us: “While [the kids] were walking around, I went to the FBI site and reported it and to the sheriff’s site and reported it. She said she asked a woman she knew who had a RING doorbell to look up who did. “[The image] was really grainy,” she said. But she suggested other people might have better pictures.

“Then we drove around the city through Rio,” she told us. “We saw one of the Rio Dell cops and told him as well.”Let's go jew brandon

The woman fears that telling the media about it will be problematic. “It’s a Catch 22. If you talk about it, it might embolden people.” But, she said she wanted to “make people aware that this shit is going on.”

On July 4, someone distributed similar packages in the Arcata region. According to the Lost Coast Outpost, it’s the work of a Northern California band. According to an article they posted here,

Teresa Drenick, deputy regional director for the Central Pacific Region of the Anti-Defamation League, is familiar with the spread of these bigoted baggies.

“We are seeing this happening all over California and just about everywhere in the United States at this point… The organization behind the flyers has been identified and thoroughly researched by the ADL, but the Outpost chose not to identify him or the people behind it, as they so clearly need such attention and use it to recruit other lost souls into their hateful ideology.

“The stunt is the work of a loose group that espouses themes of white supremacy and Holocaust denial,” Drenick said. “He is known to focus his hatred and vitriol on the Jewish community and other marginalized communities – often the LGBTQ-plus community as well.”

The mother who, along with her children and their friend, helped clean up rubbish left on people’s porches in Scotland has suggested residents of the Rio Dell and Scotia area check RING cameras and contact the Sheriff’s Department at (707) 445-7251 if they have any information.



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