Floods: woman donates shawls and food to victims


PETALING JAYA: Differences in religion and race have not dissuaded the local woman, Kalavathy Rasalingam, from providing hundreds of shawls or headwear to Muslim women victims of the floods.

Talk to star, Kalavathy said the shawls were from its 2018 unsold inventory and the fabric pieces were on stock and still in good condition.

The 48-year-old entrepreneur said she initially intended to gift all of the shawls to her Muslim friends, but never got a chance.

“I always thought about giving the shawls to my friends but due to our busy schedules and we rarely meet, I never bent over them and that’s why I still had this big stock of unsold shawls.

“I thought I only had about 200 pieces of shawls, but it turns out I had over 380. All of them were still in plastic bags and are still in good condition.

“Maybe there is wisdom in not giving the shawls to my friends until now. So I thought I needed to do something for the community,” she said.

Kalavathy added that there was a need to provide headgear for Muslim women affected by the flooding, as many victims were left with only the clothes on their backs.

“I know Muslim women should cover their heads. So I think providing shawls is a good thing right now,” she said, adding that the shawls will be handed over to flood victims in Taman Sri Muda. , Shah Alam and Karak, Pahang with the help of volunteers.

In addition to the shawls, the mother-of-two is also helping to provide packed lunches and basic necessities for flood victims in various other flood-affected locations.

With the cooperation of the Shirdi Baba temple in the caves of Batu, Selangor, Kalavathy and around 15 volunteers helped prepare food for the flood victims.

“I shop and cook. In fact, the temple serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to those in need.

“So the flood incident gave me the idea to cook with other volunteers before the packaged meals are delivered to the places that need them,” said Kuala Pilah native Negri Sembilan.

As of Monday, more than 800 packages of vegetarian food have been delivered to Taman Sri Muda, including 100 packages to Dengkil, Selangor during the clean-up work after the floods.

Kalavathy, who runs a beauty treatment center at Prima Sri Gombak, in the Batu Caves, said contributions to flood victims did not come from her alone, but also came from friends, volunteers and individuals. .

“We bring in essentials such as shampoo, soap, cleaning detergent and second-hand clothes,” she said.

Kalavathy added that the floods showed the Malaysians’ true humanitarian spirit.

“When disaster strikes, don’t think of race, think of humanity instead. For those of us who are not affected by the floods, we must help those in need and collect good deeds.

“If we think our life is difficult, we have to remember that there are those who have it harder than us. So just keep moving and help all who need it, regardless of their race and their religion, ”she added.


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