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Will Cain is the co-host of FOX & Friends Weekend (Weekends, 6-10 AM / ET) on FOX News and host of The Will Cain Podcast, which recently expanded to three episodes per week. In his own words, these are his five goals.

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1) Do something.

One of the statements that really touched me as I get older in life is, do you want to be something, or do you want to do something in life?

This week I will be hosting FOX News Primetime and I am excited about this opportunity. But whether or not that manifests itself in a permanent job and whether the Will Cain podcast as a digital platform becomes my outlet or not, I want to have a place where I can create something. Do something.

I want to have a conversation with the public that pushes towards positive values ​​in this country. I don’t just want to be anti. You know, everything in our industry is a conflict centered on being anti. Anti-racist or anti-racist, always position what you are against.

I think most Americans largely agree with some positive values ​​that we have forgotten. Whether or not it’s FOX News Primetime, or some other prime-time niche, or a digital platform, I don’t care – as long as I can do something to shed some light on and advance those values.

2) I want to live on the beach.

My wife and I * will live * on the beach. I love the mountains. I lived in Montana for a year. I love the country. I want to own a ranch. I want to spend time outside. I want to hunt and fish with my boys.

But I do know that at some point in my life, and it’s probably after my kids are out of the house, my wife and I have every intention of living on a beach – in Hawaii, Florida, or Florida. California.

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(RG: I interrupted with a laugh that I didn’t see him as a Californian.)

When I lived in New York, I went to the beach all the time on Long Island. You forget you’re an hour from the beach when you walk around Midtown. We used to go to the beach throughout the fall. I like all kinds of places. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Texan, but I don’t think the beaches in Texas will meet my needs.

There is something to watch above this massive body of water. It’s fair from the point of view. I think I have an exploratory part of me where I like to go somewhere that I feel like no one has been to before.

There is a line in Lonely dove where Gus says, “There’s nothing like riding a beautiful horse in a new country.” I love this line. There is something about the ocean, when you are standing on the beach it just seems endless. It’s not unexplored, but it seems unexplored. It’s always changing. It’s always on the move. There’s just the big unknown out there when you look at the ocean and it appeals to my instinct to explore.

3) I want to become an experienced surfer.

It’s totally against the type of cast you have for me, but you know there are those things in life that people love but they’re just not good at, but they still do. People should have these things. For a lot of guys, it’s golf. They keep doing it no matter if they are good or not. Golf has never done it for me.

This is linked to life on the beach; I’m not good at surfing but I do it when I can. I love surfing. Pleasure is not the right word. I understand the spiritual nature of it when you’re there. You cannot conquer the ocean. You cannot tame it. All you can do is try to ride it. And even if you’re not, just sitting there waiting is so spiritual. I want to become an experienced surfer.

4) Swim again from Lanai to Maui.

It’s very Hawaii-centric; I just got back from there. We go there every year on vacation.

Here is the thing. I have already done this swim. I did this when I was 39; I wanted to do it before I was 40. It’s a swim, nine miles, through the channel between these two islands. It’s a relay, with six friends of yours. It was an impressive and humbling experience.

All of my friends and I talked about who was going to get eaten by the sharks. That’s all we thought about, sharks. But once you’re there swimming, you almost immediately forget about the sharks. All you can see is a deep blue sea and you realize there’s nothing you can do about it anyway – and you fight the ocean.

Drone warns surfer that great white shark surrounds him below

I want to do more than one physical accomplishment before the end of this life. I don’t really want to run a marathon. I hate to run. Maybe climb a summit somewhere, but I didn’t really set that as a goal. But the only thing I know I can do, and that I have done, is open water swimming.

I don’t like to swim in open water because it is usually cold. Like Alcatraz or La Mancha, which I don’t intend to do. I want to swim from Lanai to Maui again with my buddies; this will be my placeholder for more of a physical challenge that I want to do again in my life.

5) Objective.

I don’t want this to sound too much like my first goal, but I’ve learned the difference in recent years between careerism and goal. But I have two sons, my wife and myself. If there is anything I can do, beyond all of my other goals in life, it’s up to all of us to find our purpose. What we are doing here.

Without it, we are simply aimless. I believe that lack of purpose is the number one source of depression and anxiety for almost everyone in society. I don’t even think it matters if you have a job or not. I think it is Why do I wake up everyday and do what I’m doing? What really matters?

Your career can only be loosely linked to this. Maybe more if you’re lucky or are determined in how you create this. But – money, advancement, promotion, fame, platforms… they will all quickly lose their appeal. They really will, and they will go hollow. If you can find a purpose, and I think religion is probably a necessary part of that search, then I think you’re going to find a fulfilling life. This is what I want for myself and my family when raising these two boys.

6) Bonus sporting goal: I’m torn between whether I want to see, with my sons, another Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl or the Texas Longhorns dominate the SEC.

The funny thing about sports is that those are not my goals. How can I have a goal that someone else will achieve? (RG: I mentioned that seeing a championship before you die is a multivariate equation over which we have some control, and that he could eventually gain access to future Dallas Cowboys owner Stephen Jones and / or become a Texas booster by funding NIL endorsements.)

Regardless of the name of Arch Manning’s son, he plays the Texas quarterback, sponsored by the Will Cain Show on FOX News. It will also make him popular (laughs).

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The way I think it, if you win the SEC, you win the national title. It would be so valid after hearing that Texas is going to be a mediocre team. Maybe they will at first, but they won’t be for long. I want to prove that Texas belongs.


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