Fall Fashion Trends You Must Try!


With a new season comes a new fashion. I to like fall fashion because it’s so versatile; you can really rotate everything you own and incorporate it into your daily look! Here are some of my favorite fall pieces that you can see me wearing to class this fall semester.

Acrylic Rings

Jewelry is the easiest way to dress up an outfit – hands down. Recently, I’ve been loving donning acrylic rings to take my outfit to the next level. These rings are super budget friendly and can be found in huge variety packs on Amazon (where I got mine) or other retailers like Forever 21 and H&M. These rings will not tarnish as they are made from acrylic and come in many different colors which makes them so easy to wear.

Wide and flared jeans

Skinny jeans are out and baggy jeans are here to stay. I am a suction cup for wide and flared jeans. I find them so flattering and easy to pair with my closet tops. My favorites come from Zara and are usually under $50. Whether I’m getting ready for a GNO or heading to my 8am, baggy, flared jeans have never failed me!

Baby t shirts

Baby t-shirts are mad flattering, and they’re great for layering! I love pairing them with jeans (like wide or flared legs!) or even just sweatshirts. I feel like they have baby t-shirts for everyone – plain, embroidered, vintage, graphic, you are leap to find one you like! I love hunting for my baby t-shirts, but I’ve also found some great ones at Brandy Mellville and Garage.


Listen to me, the headbands are coming back. You heard it here the first time! Headbands are the perfect way to polish up your outfit and add a touch of y2k at your pace. My favorite way to wear headbands is with skirts, baby t-shirts, low rise jeans, or yoga pants. Forever 21 has the the cutest leather and plaid headbands – you have to check them out!

Trucker Hats

I love how trucker hats have come into fashion lately. With a slightly more boxy fit and wider brim than baseball caps, these hats can really elevate your look and add a bit of streetwear edge to it. The best part of trucker hats are the graphics – whether it’s the one you bought at your favorite vacation spot or the one you bought from your favorite brand, trucker hats are so unique because of the logos on them. are printed! Some of my favorite trucker hats are from True Religion and Alo Yoga, but I’ve also seen some super cute ones at Urban Outfitters!

What trends do you see coming this fall?


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