Drug driver ‘didn’t know’ party cookies contained cannabis, court hears


A drug driver claimed he was unaware that a cookie given to him at a party the night before was laced with cannabis.

Dana Jasim, 29, was driving a BMW 5 Series on the M40 on October 17 when the car was locked up and stopped by police near Thame.

Analysis of a blood sample showed it to be three times the drug driving limit for tetrahydrocannabinol, an ingredient in cannabis.

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In defence, David Pallett told Oxford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday that although his client admitted to the offense of driving under the influence of drugs, he would argue that there were particular reasons why he did not should not be disqualified.

“These are enriched cookies,” he said – to the visible amusement of District Judge Tan Ikram.

“The day before driving he was at a party with friends in the West Midlands. They gave him cookies. He ate them thinking they were normal cookies.

It wasn’t until he was arrested that he discovered the treats actually contained cannabis.

Listing the case for a two-hour “special reasons” hearing, District Judge Mr. Ikram asked Jasim’s attorney, “Is he going to call any witnesses?” The cookie man? »

Mr. Pallett confirmed that two witnesses would be called to testify in support of Jasim’s baked goods account.

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The district judge, who took the cookie explanation in stride, asked the attorneys what the defendant said when he was stopped at the side of the road.

“Did he say ‘what are you talking about, I only had a few cookies?'” Mr Ikram asked.

The defense attorney replied that his client did not know at the time he ate the fortified biscuits, as cannabis levels were only revealed when a blood sample was sent for analysis.

Ann Sawyer-Brandish, representing the Crown Prosecution Service, confirmed the defendant did not respond when tipped off by arresting officers.

He was not questioned, although the reason why the officers did not question him was not given in court.

Appearing in the dock wearing a double denim outfit from the True Religion jeans brand, Jasim, of Summerwood Road, Isleworth, pleaded guilty to driving over the drug limit.

Mr. Ikram released Jasim on bail to return to court on June 29 for the special reasons hearing. He warned the defendant: “Make sure your witnesses come to court because the court will continue even if you are not there.”

The judge did not impose an interim driving ban, as would normally occur if someone was awaiting conviction for a drug-related driving offence.

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