Coach brings vintage bags galore to its first pop-up store in Singapore


In Coach’s legacy, the turnstile is a modest but ubiquitous detail.

This little piece of brass hardware can be found in the New York fashion brand’s handbags, clutch bags, tote bags, duffel bags and crossbody bags. But its origins have little to do with fashion: In 1964, Coach designer Bonnie Cashin took the seesaw that secured the roof of her 1940s convertible and put it on bags, and the rest was history.

The story is what you’ll find in the new Coach pop-up store, The vintage of tomorrow, which happened on 1 Teck Lim Road. Following a string of fashion films and inventive catwalks, the new space is one of the ways the American brand is celebrating its 80th anniversary.

(Photo credit: Coach)

The pop-up store, which you won’t miss as it is housed in a warm and welcoming yellow painted conservation store, allows visitors to appreciate Coach’s craftsmanship. Although it now offers fun, everyday clothing designed by Creative Director Stuart Vevers, the brand started with a line of leather goods made coveted by the genius of its first Creative Director, Bonnie Cashin.

You will find a rainbow of his original creations like Cashin or Ergo on display in the pop-up store, specially from Coach’s archives in New York. If you are looking to shop, there are plenty of options around the space, which is inspired by the old Coach stores. There’s the Turnlock Clutch or the aforementioned Ergo bag, two archival styles that have been re-released as part of The Coach Originals collection.

There are also used Coach bags that have been restored and released for sale, with all of their original character and quirks. These are the bags that will woo Gen Z fashion fans who showed off their prized (and sometimes pre-loved) Coach purchases. on TikTok.

The The vintage of tomorrow the pop-up isn’t just sentimental, and this whole story is balanced with a hope for the future – that we’ll treasure our timeless, well-made Coach bags for years to come.

That’s why the store also includes the famous Coach craft bar. Customers can have their leather goods polished, monogrammed or personalized by specialists trained by Coach’s master craftsman in New York. And for a local touch, they can have their bags painted by artist Tiffany Lovage (September 3-5) or embroidered by Zoey Wong (August 27-29, and September 10-12).

If nothing else, we recommend taking the trip to the unique pop-up for its uplifting vibe and matching playlist curated by Brooklyn’s Big Crown Records.

A showcase of Bonnie Cashin’s iconic designs from the 60s to the 90s. (Photo credit: Coach)

Discover a collection of Coach Originals bags in store. (Photo credit: Coach)

The craft bar offers personalization services including embroidery. (Photo credit: Coach)

Artist Tiffany Lovage, who will hit the pop-up in September, is personalizing a bag with her painting. (Photo credit: Coach)

Coach’s Tomorrow’s Vintage store will be open until September 12 at 1 Teck Lim Road Singapore 088379. It will be open Tuesday through Sunday, 12pm to 9pm.

Header photo credit: Coach


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