Closer to Christ – and Critics


Post Falls School Board candidate David Reilly says his past has brought him closer to Christ.

This past has also brought him closer to critics.

Zone 5 candidate Reilly told The Press his strong belief in education led him to run for the school board.

“The education of children is absolutely fundamental,” said Reilly. “It shapes the individual and, at the societal level, it can shape the nation. “

Background research shows a 2012 arrest on his case and reflects what some citizens say are reasons Reilly shouldn’t be a director, including his documented comments on race, religion, homosexuality and politics .

The arrest stems from a disorderly conduct misdemeanor charge against Reilly in Columbia County, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Code defines disorderly conduct, in part, as engaging in fighting, threatening or violent behavior in public. Reilly pleaded guilty in June 2012 and was placed on probation for 12 months.

The press also checked the criminal backgrounds of other candidates for the Post Falls school board and found that despite a few citations for speeding, vehicle registration and failure to notify change of address, everyone was perfectly clean.

PFSD board chairman Dave Paul is one of Reilly’s critics. Paul has dropped out of the race and is now backing another candidate for Zone 5.

“I am deeply concerned that David Reilly is running for the school board,” Paul wrote to The Press Thursday. “He is a man who has no real connection to our schools or our community and has only lived here for a year. More importantly, he has a long history of racist rhetoric and ties to white supremacists and anti-Semites. ”

Reilly has been approved by the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee.

Prior to living in northern Idaho, Reilly worked in digital media production for Culture Wars Magazine, Catholic Family News, and his family radio station, WHLM in Pennsylvania.

“It was a family business,” said Reilly. “I actually won an award for my television series on the opioid crisis from the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters. ”

While at the radio station, Reilly reported on the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and interviewed event organizer Jason Kessler. According to a 2017 report by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the event was the “largest gathering of white nationalists in more than a decade, with more than 500 protesters.”

According to Pennsylvania media accounts, Reilly faced a backlash from the community because of his reporting, which some listeners viewed as supportive rather than objective. Bomb threats and harassment towards Reilly and his family ultimately led to Reilly resigning, he said.

“I have been viciously slandered, slandered and vilified by radical activists,” Reilly said. “I have been threatened and the company has been threatened with bomb threats. I had to hand in my resignation in a bulletproof vest because I interviewed someone.

After leaving WHLM, Reilly spent two years writing for Culture Wars Magazine, an Indiana publication founded by E. Michael Jones. The media organization described itself as “the primary resource for understanding how the Culture War advanced the interests of the American Empire and its systems of political control.”

In a 2019 article written by Reilly for Culture Wars titled “Generation Identity Crisis,” the nominee describes how “young people living in Western democracies have all been subjected to ruthless forms of social engineering, which has led to a serious identity crisis ”.

“By choosing a Catholic identity, we have the added peace of mind that it has an objective belief system that cannot be compromised by a subjectivist interpretation of the scriptures,” Reilly wrote. “While it is true that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by gays, Jews and bad leaders, the Catholic faith is too old and too deeply internalized and too painstakingly codified to be co-opted by the evil intentions of social engineers. .

In a video on Reilly’s YouTube account from March, the candidate talks about canceling the culture, his media experience and his involvement in the pro-Trump movement. At one point in the video, Reilly talks about a radio segment he produced titled “Ramadan-Bomb-a-thon” about the Islamic terrorist attacks.

“It really didn’t make people happy,” Reilly said in the video. “They wanted an excuse to have me withdrawn. ”

On Monday, Reilly told The Press he had “been subjected to incredible financial, social and personal hardship because he was a public supporter of Donald Trump.”

“As a result of these attacks on me and my family by radical left activists, I was able to imitate Jesus Christ more closely, who was mocked, flogged, put on a show trial, spat on and ultimately killed. Said Reilly. noted. “I am extremely blessed to be able to participate in this suffering for Christ’s sake.”

In his comments to The Press, outgoing board member Paul urged residents to “do their research on all of the board candidates before the November election.”


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