Bago: The man for the job – why Niger shouldn’t compromise its future for cheap parts



Even the holy book says, “Beware of false prophets.” Undoubtedly, we have again reached another turning point in our political history; a season where everyone throws their hats in the ring. There are those who have sheep’s clothing, and there are only a few whose skin is as tight as a tiger. A riddle of manifestos ensued, but there can only be one man for the job, which is why thumbs should tick only the best, tested and trusted politicians.

This speech focuses on this man, who among other equals turned out to be a different race; armed with the best qualities of what a leader should be in today’s Nigeria. The man is Umaru Mohammed Bago, the young-hearted, fierce and actionable legislator who belongs to a generation of some of the most brilliant and groundbreaking members the Nigerian parliament has ever seen.

Bago, a seasoned banker and philanthropist, has represented the people of Chanchaga at the federal level, the National Assembly, since 2011. His considerably short stint in the House of Representatives reflected a man who was proactive and passionate about the will of his people. and society in general. No wonder he approached the seat of the Speaker of the House of Representatives on his first attempt. If that doesn’t ring a bell, it rather suggests a man who was influential, selfless, and who has maintained some level of connection with the communities he serves, but also with his colleagues.

This is the kind of influence the Nigerian state needs. The State of Niger needs a man who is a leader and who can attract investment to the city. The plans Bago has put forward speak of massive infrastructure development and economic revival. These can only be made possible with a man who has the reach across Nigeria to make it happen. This is what Bago offers our people.

A great leader does not forget where he comes from, or the people he is trying to serve and influence. Perhaps that is why Bago officially threw his hat in the camp of the candidates vying for the post of the next governor of Niger. He is a man deeply linked to his roots. His scholarship programs are testament to the value he places on education, due to the impact it has had on his life as well. Today, thousands of Nigeriens can boast of having received a form of education thanks to Bago.

At a time when the state desperately needs a new thinker and game-changer to help level its indexes and breathe hope for its future, Bago seems like the right fit, and peg square in a square hole – he speaks the language of the people, he has verve and style and was born and raised in the state of Niger; he has since risen through the ranks to the top, exuding brilliance, ability and is seen as the face of the new Nigerian state that our people are eagerly awaiting. His records show that every opportunity he had to speak out for change, he took it without looking back. His words are not just winning slogans, but heartfelt truths that unite crowds.

As he recently launched his campaign for the governorship of Niger, Bago has emphasized uniting the people of the Niger state against those who seek to use the money to divide the state. His motto of being #StrongerTogether resonates powerfully with those who wish our state good. It is crucial for our revival. This community-minded approach to bringing change to the state of Niger is not a pretense. Anyone who knows Bago will attest to the fact that he is a unifier and a pulling force for the greater good. It’s about more than winning elections, it’s about the people of the Nigerian state.

Bago is not just about reversing seats and votes, but rather about winning hearts and minds; a recipe that makes him the perfect pick in the 2023 polls.

The real beauty of his candidacy is that when he takes a cause to heart, it becomes a personal mission to change the status quo. It makes a difference both in everyday life and in the great game of politics where only a few people are engaged in their work, where people speak just for the sake of speaking rather than out of a need to contribute. effective change.

The honorable and philanthropist has over the years earned a place in the minds of Nigerian youth as a progressive, showing daily what an active and informed member of society looks like, showing us that having nimble and progressive innovators in power is not only achievable but also decisive for the future of our nation.

His self-confidence is powerful and justified as well. The people of Niger State can see a future in Bago. He is the dream come true. What we Nigeriens pray is that the evil intentions of those who seek to redeem the state using their resources will not be realized. We want a governor with whom we can identify. We want a governor that every native of Niger State, regardless of ethnicity, tribe or religion, can say is my man. And this man is none other than Bago. The people of Niger indeed have gold in their hands, it must be exploited!

Nda, a political commentator, writes of Bida


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