Amber Heard’s Transformation


Although Amber Heard is now known for her outspoken and unapologetic reputation, she was born into a very different environment. As noted Independent, Amber was born to her mother Paige Parsons and father David Heard on April 22, 1986 in the state of Texas. Amber and her younger sister, Whitney Heard, were raised in a very conservative family that subscribed to the Catholic faith and traditions. The Heard family had a “modest” income and evidently led a normal, albeit strict, lifestyle.

Both Amber and Whitney had aspirations to work in the entertainment industry, but only Amber succeeded. As noted SCMPWhitney began and continues a career in the hotel and hospitality industry, occasionally making headlines thanks to her sister’s fame.

As a child, Amber often accompanied her father on errands to work, which exposed her from an early age to the realities facing immigrants. David, his father, ran a small construction business and frequently hired migrant workers, the actor said wonderland magazine. “I was born in south-central Texas by the accidental geography of miles,” Amber said. “I didn’t have those arms on me, but I saw they were there.”


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