5 Best Beaches in Odisha, Visit Them Soon


Odisha’s tourism industry is often heavily influenced by its religion, culture and cuisine. However, in recent years, the beaches of Odisha have also started gaining popularity as major tourist destinations.

In fact, each beach has started to become so popular with visitors and locals that tourism in Odisha has started focusing on them specially.

This results in an improvement in the maintenance of certain beaches. So on your next trip, visit these stunning beaches and take in the breathtaking views they have to offer!

Below are the top 5 beaches in Odisha, all of which are sure to blow your mind. While you are on vacation with your friends or family, be sure to enjoy the scenic splendor of these beaches.

1. Astaranga Beach:

The name “Astaranga” means “colorful sunset” in English, so it stands to reason that this beach is well known for its beautiful sunsets. This beach is frequented by many photographers and ornithologists. Fishing and cooking are two possible activities on this beach. For those who like to cook, visiting this beach is a real treat because it allows you to buy fish and grill it on the sand.

2. Gopalpur Beach:

First size conchs and shells can be found at Gopalpur beach in Odisha. The water in this beach is suitable for sailing and surfing. Additionally, there is a historic lighthouse that welcomes visitors in the afternoon. At the top of the lighthouse, one can admire breathtaking views. Every year in December, the Gopalpur Beach Festival takes place. At the beach, a variety of water sports are organised.

3. Puri Beach:

The most well-known tourist destination in Odisha is Puri Beach, located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. Additionally, the beach is well known for the Sudarshan Pattnaik Sand Art Exhibitions and the annual Puri Beach Festival.

4. Konark Beach:

Just 3 km from the famous Konark Sun Temple, Konark Beach is a natural tourist destination. The beach should be visited in the evening as it is very hot here. Here you can drink coconut water and buy trinkets like hats and caps. Adventure activities such as speedboat, jet ski and ATV are also available.

5. Chandipur Beach:

Undoubtedly one of the cleanest beaches is Chandipur beach in Odisha. The “disappearing sea” phenomenon, which occurs when the sea retreats to a specific distance for a specific amount of time and then returns at high tide, can be observed on this particular coastline. Every day this happens twice. Seafood prepared in Odisha style is well known on the beach and is available at beachside shacks.


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